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Shining Force 2

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Part 2

Ugh, I don't know about anyone else, but I miss Simone.

I assume it's a bug or oversight, but "Ouch!" is not the hardest. Super is.

As the difficulty increases, the enemy AI gets "smarter." Meaning the enemies will go after weaker party members and Nigel more frequently. In Super difficulty, enemies also get a 25% bonus to their "base" attack power. Base meaning before weapons are factored in. Which means while enemies that use weapons will hit harder, enemies that do not will hit a lot harder.

Since it should make things a bit more interesting, I'll be playing on Super.

Nigel awakens in his bed in the town of Granseal. As he heads downstairs, his mother speaks to him...

Did the storm wake you up? Hurry to school! Sir Astral and Ashley must be waiting.

Before I get to school, I might as well do a little looking around.

Or not. The store's closed, the town watch won't let me outside, and the castle guard won't let me in. On to class...

Hmm, the teacher isn't there.

Sir Astral is in the Basement, but he looks strange today.

Ashley steps aside in order to let me into the basement.

As I set foot downstairs, Sir Astral appears to be deep in thought...

Is it time to start school? OK, I'm coming up soon.

Before I head back upstairs, I steal some of Sir Astral's private stash...

Did you feel something evil, or anything? No, nothing?! Perhaps it was just my imagination. Sorry.

I head back upstears and take my seat next to Ron and wait for Sir Astral...

Where is Samwise? Overslept again? Oh, well. I can't wait for him. Where did I leave off yesterday?

Before he can begin the lesson, Sir Astral is interrupted by a castle guard...

What has happened? Why are you so...?
The King. He has fallen down and is in great pain!
What?! The King? OK, I'm coming! Sorry, kids. I have to go to the castle. Stay here.

Class is cancelled!

But, I think it must be something else! He was acting so strange!
Hey, Ron! Let's go to the castle!
We can't, Ashley! We're just kids. They won't let us in.
Never mind that. I have a plan!

Hey, we were told to wait here. But where's the harm in doing the exact opposite?

Great! Let's go right now! Hurry!
What? Nigel, are you going? I'm going too!

Our first recruits!

Anyway, on towards the castle...

Well, let's see.... Ummm... yes, Sir Astral called us!
We're his pupols. He left a package behind, and...
You want to deliver it to him? Well... OK, go ahead. (cough) Be good in the castle, OK?

And we're in!

Well, if we're going to bend the rules, we might as well go all the way. We loot a medical herb, an antidote, and an angel wing from the castle's supply room.

As we head into the King's chambers, we find Sir Astral looking over the King...

This would be Princess Elis.

Hmm. Nothing is wrong with his body, but...
He is suffering badly from something...
Perhaps... it might be... Well?

Shit! We've been spotted.

Oops! Sorry, sir!
Well, we just followed you....
Don't lie to me. You wanted to see the castle, didn't you?
Sir Astral, who are they?
Oh... well... (mumble)... they're my pupils....
So they are. They look like good kids. You must have a special reason to have them here, right?
Um... I didn't mean for...

(Cough) You said the door of the Ancient Tower is open. There must be a connection between the open door and the King's sickness. I called them here to help me investigate the tower.

Shaky logic aside, it looks like Astral is covering for us so he doesn't look like an incompetent teacher. Score!

Now, pupils. Follow me. Don't give me any more trouble!

Are you ready, Nigel?

Hey, it's better than getting tossed into jail for trespassing, so yes.

Good! Let's go to the tower. Follow me.

Upstairs in the western tower of the castle, we find the passageway to the ancient tower.

That's one frigging huge tower. However, before we head inside...

Exploring the area behind the tower, we find some Mithril! This'll come in handy much later. There are 15 pieces of mithril scattered throughout the game, and they're used to make incredible weapons. Assuming you can get the smith to make the best ones, anyway.

Next update: I won't be able to cover the battle inside the tower tonight. It'll have to wait until tomorrow morning.