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Part 25

With it you can leave Desktop Kingdom safely. Good luck!

He's right, using the Cotton Balloon, we're able to descend to the ground slowly. Although "Floor World" is still a retarded name.

On the floor, we find a man trying to lift a ring...

We can't lift it either, but it might be wise to remember where it is.

We also find a couple more interesting people...

A hole in the wall leads to Creed, but don't use it!

They're too ferocious! I'm gonna stay in Floor World.

Well, I've had enough of being fun-sized, so into the hole we go...

Is this the smell of the devils that they were talking about?

Devils? No, Knox. It's rat shit.

What huge rats!

They're actually smaller than the ones we fought in the second and third battles, but obviously so are we.

Battle #23:

The tunnel to Creed is infested with 6 Bubbling Oozes and 5 Rats, and they're being led by Willard. A nice little reference there, by the way.

Due to the Super difficulty attack bonus, the Rats and Willard have a HUGE boost above what I had to deal with at the chessboard. Observe:


It's been far too long since I've pulled one of those off. However...

It's not without consequence.

Darin finishes the first rat off, earning level 23.

Ashley patches Knox up.

Sadly, that's about as small as hits are going to get this battle.

Cluny, Darin, and Shaggy take out the first ooze...

While Knox and Ron get rid of the second one. Ron earned level 23.

Both Wolfy and Darin take some nasty hits from the advancing rats.

The Bubbling Oozes have a defense-ignoring attack. Of course, they've got high enough attack power that just straight-up hitting anyone would do more damage.

Roast Rat, smothered in bubbling ooze. Just like momma used to make. Shaggy's home-cookin' earned him level 24.

Darin finished one of the rats off...

Leaving Knox to finish off the other. He earned level 25.

Nigel picked off one of the oozes, earning level 25 as well.

Knox took another hit, but he's still alive.

Cluny kills the ooze responsible, earning level 24.

Well, that stung a little.

Another rat down.

Well, Ashley's running low on MP, so Wolfy's new name is "Bait."

Worked like a charm. The last rat near Willard charged ahead to pick off Wolfy.

Cherry took out ooze #5, earning level 24.

Unfortunately, ooze #6 ate Ron.

Samwise and Shaggy took it out. Samwise earned level 24.

And Knox dealt with the final rat. Now Willard is all alone.


Cherry, Samwise, Furlong, Cluny, and Shaggy all attack to take Willard out. Shaggy earned level 25.

With Willard and the rest of the rats dead, we make our way to the end of the tunnel.

Seems like we've walked in on Creed, alright.

I'm here! I'm coming!

My collection is rather noisy today.
Oh, yes... ah...
No, I... I added to your collection today.
You did what?!
I'm sorry! I tried to stop them, but they jumped through the magic door.
You didn't lock the door, did you? I told you to always lock that door! Anyway, I want to see them.

It's always fun seeing an asshole get royally chewed out.

Right away, sir!

I heard something.

Oh, someone from my collection is talking! You must be one of the people Goliath was talking about.
We came to see you. Please return us to our original size.
You came to see me? Hmm... why?
Make us bigger. My neck hurts from looking up at you!
Oh, sorry.

That's not exactly an incantation I'd expect from a fucking demon.

But at least it gets results.

Now, why did you want to see me?
Oh, yes! We want to know about Zeon!

The King of the Devils who is sealed in Arc Valley?
Did something happen to Zeon? Has he revived?

Would it have been so hard to just say yes?

No way! You're kidding! I can't believe it!

I'm liking Creed more and more.

Is what you say true?


So, Zeon will appear again... He will destroy everything.

You don't say?

I know.

Creed is awesome.

Wow! I can't believe this is happening!
You know, Gran island is covered by a dark cloud. At the same time, North Parmecia has had no rain. South Parmecia is OK, but...
That's because of Volcanon. I fear for Mitula...
Volvanon and Mitula are invulnerable to everything, except Zeon! Indeed... Zeon is extremely powerful!
Zeon? Oh, gosh!

I have no time to scold you now! The Evil Spirit may know something.

We descend a long stairway, leading to an altar. Creed appears to be conducting a ritual of some sort...

Evil Spirit, come.

Creed, what do you want?
Zeon?! The King of the Devils?
Yes. He was unsealed. What is he doing now? What is he going to do? I need to know anything about him. Anything!
I've got something. Hmm...

He's channeling his mind into the nature of all things. Be silent. He's got something.
What did you find?
The barrier around Grans Island is too strong. I can't see anything.
Please try again!
If I touch something of his, maybe I could contact his mind better...
Nigel, you have the Jewel of Evil, right?
Is this true, Nigel? That's one fo the magic jewels used to seal Zeon. Give it to me.
But, we can't remove it.
I can. Let me see it.

What's that light? There are two!
The other one is... ahhh... they called it the Jewel of Light.
What?! Nigel, do you have both of the legendary jewels? I can't remove them. The chain is made of Mithril. Show them to him. They might help him.

Yeah, I feel it... I feel it...! I think I can do it now. Let me try again. Hmmm...

Go on.
Zeon's devils are coming to Parmecia from the sky.
Hmmm... Where are they heading?
North Parmecia.
Something has happened to Mitula...
I can't see Zeon.
What do you mean?
He's still in Arc Valley. He has revived, but he has not recovered his full strength yet.
But he has already created a lot of mischief on the ground... Is he that powerful?

Hah, apparently sinking cities and attacking Gods are "mischief" to Creed.

He is. His power...
His power what?

Zeon seems to have noticed our scrying. Great.

What's this?!

Ggggoooo... I see a jewel. The Jewel of Evil!
He's seeing us through the eyes of Evil Spirit! Impossible!
You're Nigel. I see you... Listen, Nigel. Bring that jewel to Arc Valley.
Why should we?!
I'll return Elis to you in exchange for the jewel. Come to Arc Valley... Ggggooo!

No! Evil Spirit exploded! That's Zeon's power. If he revives fully, his power will be unimaginably strong.
Creed, how reliable was he, I mean, Evil Spirit?
Very. Why does Zeon want the jewel? No more question... without Evil Spirit...

Hey, don't leave me here! Wait for me!

Time to head back upstairs.

Storytellers in Tristan might know something. Tristan is North Parmecia.

Looks like the game wants us to go to North Parmecia now, and is not being subtle at all about it.

OK, I think I can help him. Bring me to him.

The fairy is going to tag along for a little while.

Please choose one.

I don't want to stay in this awful place forever. Choose me!

I'll miss my friends, but if I can be of help, I'll go with you!

I'm known as the strongest warrior of my people.

I would do anything for Mr. Creed! Please choose me.

So, we've got to choose between Tobias, Vincent, Brock, or Bateman. That means it's...

Voting Time!

We have a few things to vote on this time.

The first decision is which character to take. One thing, thouh... Tobias (Karna) is off limits. We will not be taking her. Why?

1. Everyone always takes her, and I want to mix things up a bit.
2. I intend to promote every character at exactly level 25. Which means if I took Tobias, either she or Ashley would have to sit in the caravan until I find the second one.

The other three characters are fair game.

Other than that, since everyone is at or near 25, it's time to vote on who gets to use the promotion items.

Warrior's Pride - The Warrior's Pride will promote a Warrior to a Baron instead of a Gladiator. Barons have slightly lower defense, but they get another square of movement and can equip swords as well as axes.  I hope Brock gets chosen.  Choose from:

Secret Book - The Secret Book promotes a Mage into a Sorcerer instead of a Wizard. Sorcerers have unique spells of summoning, and later on can unleash significantly better single-target damage than Wizards.  Please, please, PLEASE choose Shaggy. He only loses his shitty debuffs that almost never seem to land anyway. Vincent would lose out on the Freeze and Bolt line of spells, both of which are better than Blaze.  Choose from:

Pegasus Wing - The Pegasus Wing will promote a Knight into a Pegasus Knight instead of a Paladin. Pegasus Knights fly. There is one problem, though: We don't have a Pegasus Wing yet, and it'll be a little while. The Knight that wins the vote will be stuffed into the caravan until we get one, at which point I'll egress-grind him until he catches up to the group. Don't let that stop you from choosing your favorite Knight for the honor. I'll manage just fine without whoever. Choose from:

Silver Tank - We are not using the Silver Tank. It promotes Archers into Brass Gunners instead of Snipers. Brass Gunners lose movement and spend most battles uselessly lagging behind the group. I'll still show what the class looks like, don't worry.

Alright, then... Vote away! In the meantime, I'll see if I can't get a more action-packed Chessboard run recorded.