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Part 29

The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of ditching Quentin.

Well, we've made our way to Pacalon. We can't liberate it just yet, unfortunately. But we can still loot it.

The important items that we find are Cheerful Bread, the Pegasus Wing, and Mithril #12.

The weapon shop has Great Swords and Great Shot, which lets us upgrade our sword and bow users' weapons.

Before we leave, we stop by and speak with the King of Pacalon.

May I ask you a favor? Please save Mitula. She's in Tristan. We will be ruined by the drought long before the devils destroy us.

Alright, so there's our justification in just skipping by for now.

Before I forget...

Darin is now a Pegasus Knight.

Just north of Pacalon, we encounter resistance...

Battle #27:

We've got to eliminate 4 Dark Snipers, 3 Dark Soldiers, 3 Lizardmen, 3Dark Bishops, 2 Wyverns, and a Wizard. Take a look at the Wyvern's attack power. That's right, 90. Other than that, this battle isn't particularly interesting, so I'll just skip to the results...

Battle Results:


Cherry 3 > 4
Harvey 2 > 4
Ashley 4 > 6
Samwise 3 > 5
Shaggy 4 > 5
Wolfy 4 > 5
Vincent 4 > 5
Nigel 5 > 6
Furlong 3 > 4
Knox 5 > 6
Cluny 5 > 6
Ron 5 > 6



And since I promised, here's some battle sprites:

Gamera Byron the Monster

Grizzle the Brass Gunner

Darin the Pegasus Knight

There's one more thing to find before I end my update...

Mithril #13

Alright, since Darin is back in the game, it brings us to...

Voting time!

We'll need to vote out one member. For comparison, here's everyone's stats: