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by Random Hajile

Part 34

Alright, so Harvey gets sent packing, allowing Layla to strut her stuff.

On the way to Moun, we're stopped by another enemy unit sent to slow us down...

But, it's not enough. This is the end of your resistance. Kill them, kill them all!

Battle #32:

We've got to cond with 4 Pegasus Knights, 3 Devil Soldiers, 3 Cerberuses, 2 Necromancers, 2 Master Monks, and a Bow Master. We've got some unexpected help however. Shortly after the fight begins...

Vidkun, what?
Didn't you hear me? Hey, Granseal guys! I'm on your side from now on! OK?

Fearing that we'd slaughter his ass, Vidkun switches sides. His original name was Jaro, but the programmers misspelled it for this battle, naming him 'Jar'. We've named him Vidkun.  Which is kind of clever, if you look it up.  More on him after the battle.

Battle Results:


Knox 10 > 11
Nigel 12 > 13
Cherry 10 > 11
Darin 10 > 11
Vincent 9 > 10
Cluny 11 > 12
Ashley 12 > 13 - Learned Detox 3
Layla 11 > 12 - Learned Apollo
Samwise 8 > 9
Wolfy 7 > 8
Shaggy 10 > 11



Indeed! Whay did you change your mind?
I'm Vidkun, from Galam. I was waiting for the chance to escape from them. I can't stand their wicked ways!
You have the same opinion of them as we do.
Please let me join you! I could be a great help to you. You need a professional soldier like me.
Oh, we welcome you.
But, he was on the other side just a minute ago.
I don't care, Knox. He has seen the error of his ways. Nigel, don't you want Vidkun to join our force?

Going by his stats in the last battle, hell yes I do!

Oh, thank you! I'll try to do my best!

Vidkun joins up. Wait a minute... Before and after... Fuck.

Voting Time:

We've got to vote one person off the team. The choices are:

Next Time: Moun