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Part 35

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Vidkun III
Layla III

Wolfy is gone! I've tossed his Running Ring on Samwise for the time being.

After a short trip, we arrive at Moun.

Will you follow the example of the people of Moun and die without resistance?
No! I'm too late. I killed a lot of people. I can never forgive myself!
Nigel, Harry will be a great asset.

What the hell? Vidkun was dumped back into the caravan to mare room for Harry? That's not what I wanted! That's not what I wanted at all!

Nigel, Harry is right. They must die!

Battle #33:

Moun is infested with 3 Devil Soldiers, 3 Bow Masters, 3 Cerberuses, 2 Pegasus Knights, 2 Necromancers, 2 Mud Men, and a Shaman.

On top of that, Harry has forced his way into the party for now. Harry is terrible. A level 13 Vicar and he doesn't even have Heal 3 or Aura yet?

As usual, the enemy gets the first strike.

Darin went down, and there wasn't much I could do about it.

I didn't expect the Necromancer to get that close to Ron in order to cast a spell on the group behind him. My mistake.

It doesn't stop Layla from getting the finishing blow on a Devil Soldier. She earned level 13.

Shaggy and Knox make short work of the Bow Master. Knox earned level 12.

Cluny and Nigel carved up the Necromancer, earning level 14 for Nigel. The Necromancer dropped a Mage Staff. Useless as a weapon, but it can cast Blaze 2 when used as an item.

Samwise, Ron, and Knox manage to charge and overwhelm the first Cerberus before it can do any damage.

I looked like Samwise's defense would pay off - He was just close enough to bait a Pegasus Knight to abandon the group it was near and come alone.

But I wasn't able to finish it off or get healing to Samwise before it got another turn..

Cluny cut the Pegasus Knight down, earning level 13.

There's a lot of enemies getting close to us, so I leave Harry vulnerable as bait. He's not good for much else at the moment.

Cluny softens the two Devil Soldiers up with a Katon 2.

Quite a dramatic little slugfest between Ron and one of the soldiers!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - so Ashley uses Blast to take out the wounded soldier and further weaken the other.

So much for prevention, but at least the Cerberus used its flamebreath, which is MUCH weaker than its physical attack.

Knox does away with the last Devil Soldier, earning level 13.

What Cerberus? I don't see any Cerberus here!

Ron gets picked off by an enemy Bowmaster.

I move Harry in to act as a human bodyshield for Ashley and patch her up a little.

Surprisingly low damage per hit from Cherry, ( She hits Pegasus knights for 33ish ) but she makes up for it by shooting twice.

Oh, crap! If I didn't heal Ashley with Harry, that would've been it for her.

Shaggy finished the Bow Master off, earning level 12 and learning Dao 2.

Thankfully, it takes more than a single attack to bring Shaggy down.

Ashley takes a quick step back in order to heal herself.

While Knox takes down the second Bow Master.

Well, I'm pretty sure Cherry just secured her position for the rest of the game with her performance this battle.

Cluny took out the Necromancer, earning level 14 and learning Raijin, which is essentially a souped-up Bolt for Ninjas.

Determined to make a nuisance of himself, the Shaman hit Nigel and Knox with a Blast 3.

So much for Knox manuvering around the trees and flanking the last group unopposed.

Unfortunately, Mud Men are strong against elemental magic, so they didn't take as much damage as they could have. But to make up for it, the Shaman took critical damage. Vincent earned level 11 and learned Freeze 3.

Yeesh. Well, at least the Mud Men are still in a nice little formation.

At least it only hit one target this time. Still, I'd rather not see how much damage takes from Mud Men, so...

I use Layla as a shield. She further softened the enemy group with Apollo.

Sadly, Cluny doesn't have enough MP left to cast Raijin, so another Katon 2 had to do. At least his spells ignore the Mud Men's resistance.

The Cerberus got another turn before Knox did, much to my disappointment.

While Nigel could end the battle right here with a triple-kill Bolt 2, it'd be a waste. I have him simply stay put, instead.

Sweet zombie jesus!

At least someone on the team remembers how to dodge.

Cherry finished off the first Mud Man, earning level 13.

Cluny took out #2.

Layla eliminated the Cerberus, and since you haven't seen her battle sprite yet...

Here it is.

Finally, Nigel cuts down the Shaman, earning level 15.

Well, the rock over to the right doesn't look suspicious... Not at all!

Did you defeat all those devils? I was wondering why it became quiet so suddenly.
Are you a survivor? Are you from Moun? What's your name?
I am Cylon. I am not from Moun.
Then, where are you from?
The past.
What do you mean?
I cannot explain. I am what I am. That is all that I am.

Whoa, like totally deep, man!

I've never seen anyone like you. Where are the people of Moun? Were there any survivors?
That's good news. And where are they?
Down here. Follow me.
Nigel, hurry! Follow Cylon! Cylon knows where they're hiding.

Into the hole we go!

There are tons of barrels and pots down here. In one of them we find...

A second Running Pimento.

We also find a Dwarf.

We're from Granseal, Mr. Teddy.
Granseal... I've never heard of it...
It's near Ribble in South Parmecia.
Near my home? Are you sure?
We settled there just over a year ago.
The blocked tunnel is open now?
Yes. Now you can go back home.
I've been waiting for this day! By the way, why did you come to North Parmecia?
To defeat devils!
We don't want another tragedy like Moun. We're going to Grans Island to kill the King of the Devils.
Hmm... I can't go back now!
But... your family...
I know. I'll miss them. But I believe they'll understand. Let me go with you!

Teddy the Gladiator joins up!

In a secluded part of town, we find a painter...

May I paint your portrait?

Anything for a fan, I say.

Excellent! Then, would you stand over there, in front of the flowers?

It's you! Ah, how talented I am! Hmmm?

Well, that's about all there is to do in the hideaway, but on our way back out...

I want to go to Grans, too. There is no time to waste!

He doesn't join up as a team member just yet, he merely tags along for now.

As we emerge from the tunnel, the town's survivors follow.

The only new weapon available at Moun's weapon shop is Iron Knuckles, which will be a nice little upgrade for Ashley.

Before we leave town, we find the Arm of Golem, which we'll use a bit later on.

Voting Time:

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