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Part 36

Nazca is a short distance northwest from Moun.

As soon as we get close, we're greeted by a familiar face.

Remember? I promised that I would see you again. Come on. Let's party!

Geshp appears behind her!

You again, Geshp? Why don't you leave me alone?
Zeon left me in charge. It doesn't matter if you are killed or not.
Then kill me, if you've got the guts to do it! I know. You want me to die!

Cameela takes a swing at Geshp, who avoids it by teleporting off.

Geshp, you coward! I'll kill you first!

The entire area darkens.

Silly Cameela. You can't survive without my brains.

He must be a bad fortuneteller.
We can get a ship and return to Grans if we defeat her. Nigel, get her!

Battle #34: Nazca's Legacy - Google Entire Battle and Dailymotion: Part 1, Part 2

In order to finally get off of Parmecia, we've got to get past 4 Dragonewts, 3 Mud Men, 3 Pegasus Knights, 2 Cerberuses, 2 Bow Masters, a Necromancer, a Shaman, and Cameela.

A whole lot of ?? attack power up in here. Still, Cameela looks to be slightly easier than Zalbard on Super - He had a much higher base attack than Cameela since he fought barehanded, so he should have gotten a significantly larger attack boost. Plus, Cameela can't cast Bolt 2.

Not the best start...

Cluny opens up with a massive critical on the Pegasus Knight.

Painful, but Knox earned a level with his counter attack. He's up to 14.

He also got to move next, eliminating the cerberus.

Ashley brings Knox back up to a safe level of health.

And Vidkun brings down his attacker.

Darin, Ron, and Samwise weren't able to take out the Bow Master before he could act, so Samwise took a shot.

Cherry plays clean-up.

Heal 3 is a good spell to have. Samwise is healed to full.

Hey, that wasn't so bad!

I just had to open my fucking mouth.

Cluny and Nigel took the lizard down.

Whoops, Ron got nailed by an enemy crit while chipping away at a Mud Man.

Dao 2 is about twice as good as Dao 1.

Cluny finishes the job.


Knox finished off the next Mud Man, earning level 15.

Darin took down the Pegasus Knight, and became level 12.

OH GOD. Well, at least Vidkun took that hit, instead of someone I actually cared about.

There will be no more of THAT. Cluny earned level 16.

Shaggy does an outstanding job of softening up tough enemies. He earned level 13.

Ron was able to strike hard enough to finish the newt off, which earned him level 12.

Darin set the Pegasus up...

And Cherry shot it down.

A nasty hit, but he's not in danger yet.

Cluny wounded the Mud Man a bit.

Allowing Shaggy to take advantage.

Nigel put the wounded Cerberus down before it could hurt anyone.

Thankfully Heat Axes only cast Blaze 2.

It hasn't come up until now, but once upgraded, Knox is resistant to fire damage.

Hey, Vincent actually got to do something! Sadly, it'll still be a while before he does anything but suck vs. single targets.

Another kill for Shaggy - He earned level 14.

Both Cherry and Layla have decent odds of surviving an attack from a Dragonewt at this point (When standing on defense +30% terrain, anyway), but I'm still glad he wasted his turn peppering them with a Blaze 2.

Layla finished the last newt off.

Well, the Shaman took the bait. I wanted to get it away from Cameela before I rushed her.

I didn't expect that, but it makes things even better: Cameela took a few steps away from everyone, so now I'll be able to safely get rid of her support units.

Knox took out the Shaman, which dropped a Wish Staff, which can only be equipped by Vicars, but it casts Boost when used as an item.

Vincent finishes the Necromancer off after Nigel wounds it. - Now it's down to just Cameela, and we've only lost Ron, Samwise, and Vidkun.

Cameela foolishly charges in order to hit Darin with a Blaze 3, which is her Iron Ball's special function.

Time for the blow-by-blow footage!

Victory! Cameela didn't stand a chance, though her dodging let her survive long enough to take a cheap shot at Layla.

This is the Sky Orb. With it, you can drive the Nazca Ship. Listen. You have to be very careful from now on. Geshp has Prism Flowers. He will...

Ha, ha, ha! You acted just as I planned!
Ouuuu... Ges...

Cameela is struck down by Geshp before she can warn us about what he has planned.

It's the law. Traitors die by fire. Congratulations! You have a ship now! Come to Grans! I have to go now and prepare your welcoming party!

Prism Flowers? What are they?
I have no idea, but it's probably a trap.
Ancient flower.
Excuse me?
Ancient countries had those flowers along their borders.
What kind of flowers are they?
I cannot explain...
We will see them when we arrive at Grans.
Nigel, grab the Sky Orb. Let's go.

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