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Part 39

Some demons just don't know when to quit.

Geshp again.

Do you have another cunning trap for us?
Would I do that? I just want to introduce you to my friend.

How heartwarming.

Red Baron, say hello!

He's waiting for you just outside the Galam gate. You have to defeat him if you want to advance. See his red armor? It's smeared with blood. He has killed many people. Now, it's your turn. This will be your undoing.

Geshp teleports off, as usual.

We have to advance. Nigel, are you ready?

Battle #37: Google: Entire Battle and Dailymotion: Part 1, Part 2

Our contestants today are: 4 Hellhounds, 4 Bow Riders, 2 Mist Demons, 2 Minotaurs, 2 Evil Bishops, 2 Chaos Wizards, an Executioner, and the Red Baron.

Due to the crappy terrain, the enemy gets the first strike against us.

Cluny and Shaggy make short work of the first Bow Rider. Shaggy earned level 16.

Executioners aren't nearly as deadly as they probably should be on Super.

Nigel and Ashley took the Executioner down, earning 18 for Ashley.


Ashley patched Knox up a bit.

While Tobias tended to Cluny.

Who proceeds to finish off Bow Rider #2.

Hellhounds certainly pack a bit of a punch.

Darin failed to finish off Bow Rider #3

And it cost Cluny his life. Good going, Darin.

Time to test out Freeze 4.

Not bad at all.

At least he didn't blow it this time. Darin earned level 17.

Cylon put the Hellhound out of its misery.

Predictable. Well, time to take out a Mist Demon.

Knox and Shaggy clobber the fuck out of it.


LOL  Nigel had been boosted by Tobias 

Darin adds another notch to his spear.

This is probably the first time in a while that a breath attack has been a bad thing.

A much more significant effect than the wizard's useless flailing.

One shot, one kill - Vincent earned level 19.

Knox and Nigel smote the bishop, earning level 20 for Nigel.

Ouch. Well, if Shaggy hadn't moved there, Cherry probably would've been killed.

It'll take more than that to get rid of Cylon.

Cylon finishes off the Mist Demon with a critical, earning level 18.

Hah, one HP left.

I let Shaggy have the kill, earning him level 17 and learning Appolo 2.

Which was a mistake, but oh well.

Layla got revenge for Shaggy's loss.

Well, the last Bow Rider has a deathwish, I assume.

The big slug-fests are always awesome to watch.

Brock and Cylon are happy to finish it off.

If I've learned anything from Shaggy's time as a Mage, it's that Desoul never, ever works. So I have nothing to fear!

Cherry finishes off the last Minotaur, earning level 17.

Notice the green bar on the Red Baron's health - In Shining Force 2, you're not clueless about an enemy's current HP if he has over 100. I'd estimate the Red Baron has around 140.

Pfft, it's just Blast.

Darin and Knox swoop past the Red Baron in order to take out the Chaos Wizard.

Oh, boy. That's gonna cost him dearly.

Nigel, Brock, and Cherry rushed the Evil Bishop, leaving only the Red Baron alive. Time for the blow-by-blow coverage!

He tried to get sneaky and use the Sword of Darkness on Nigel when he had 1HP left, but that failed. He was able to kill Knox, but I had pretty much overwhelmed him. Nigel dealt the finishing blow, earning level 21.

Hahaha! Did Baby want to win the battle?

Why would he be crying? I think I've seen his style of fighting before. Let's see his face.

It's Apple!
Let me see him. Wow, he's alive!
Apple! Apple!
Where?! What?!

I was controlled by someone and I killed a lot of...
It wasn't a dream.
You were being controlled by a devil. And he made you kill every person you saw. You recovered your sense when we defeated the devils.
I can't believe it! I'm Apple, I'm... What can I do? How can I atone for my sins? Sir Astral, tell me.
You're not at fault. It's not your fault. The devils are to blame.
But... I have to die for my sins. It will be my atonement. I have to die!

Mad with grief, Apple runs off.

Oh, poor Apple.
Sir Astral, Apple has fled. Will you let him die?
Apple is an immortal vampire now. He can't die very easily. I think we'll meet him again. Nigel, let's go.

See the slight indentation in the river here and the discolored patch of forest just beyond?

Use the Dry Stone here, and it'll allow you to cross. The discolored patch of forest is the Dwarven village.

Next Time: We finally get to use all the Mithril we've been collecting!