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Part 40

Tupperwarez posted:

Hahahaha, Sir Astral is fucking cold.

Yeah. Isn't it great?

He called Zalbard ugly to his face and bluntly lets Apple know he's murdered countless innocents. Astral is awesome.


This is the Dwarven Village. It's practically a damn maze of tunnels and stairways. But unless you do some exploring here, you miss out on most of the best gear in the game.

First, let's do some looting...

A Healing Water, a Demon Rod, and a White Ring. The Demon Rod is cursed and useless. The White Ring, however gives 10 defense and casts Aura 1 when used as an item. Only Vicars and Heroes can use it, so it goes to Nigel. I gave Cherry the Power Ring.

Eventually, we make our way to a stairway in the northwest part of the village.

At last, it's the Dwarven Blacksmith. Give him a piece of mithril, leave the village and come back... and he'll make mediocre crap like 90% of the time. But through the magic of savestates, increased frame skip, and many, many reloads... we get some FUCKING AWESOME weapons for every member of the force that doesn't go unarmed.



Nigel is practically a boss at this point. 100+ HP, and with his new weapon, 100+ attack. Most folks don't bother forging the Levanter, since it's only his second best weapon...  Nigel gets the superior Force Sword in about two more battles , but since I had Mithril to spare... Fuck it, why not? It's +42 attack power, and it casts Blaze 3 when used as an item.

A healer with 100+ attack? That's right! Giant Knuckles are the best non-cursed weapons in the game at +55 attack power.  Even Nigel's Force Sword only has +46. 

Shaggy's spell lineup is coming along nicely, and I've equipped him with a Mystery Staff. It's got +39 attack, but since he'll never be using physical attacks, we don't give a shit about that. What we DO care about is that equipping a Mystery staff gives him +2MP regeneration per turn. I also had a Freeze Staff crafted for him. Using it in battle will cast Freeze 3.

Cluny is ready to totally flip out and kill some people. In addition to Katon 2, Raijin 2, and the MP to use them, I had a Gisarme made for him. It's got +42 attack power, and each time he strikes with it, there's a chance for him to kill an enemy instantly.

Knox doesn't need weapons to be a powerhouse! I gave him the Quick Ring because the sooner he gets to move, the sooner things die.

As requested, I gave Cherry the Power Ring. In addition, her new weapon, the Grand Cannon, packs +43 attack power and can cast Muddle 1 if used as an item.

I've given Darin a Mist Javelin. In addition to being the strongest Pegasus Knight/Paladin weapon at +42 attack power, it's a spear-type, and so it allows diagonal attacks.

Tobias has her own set of Giant Knuckles, and I've given her the Protect Ring to bump up her less-than-stellar defense.

Brock's caught up nicely attack-wise with his new Rune Axe. In addition to being +42 attack power, it can also be used to cast Detox 1, but who'd waste a turn curing poison with attack power like that?

Vincent has his own Mystery & Freeze staff set.

As does Layla, who will be learning Apollo 2 next level.

Since he didn't get a shiny new toy like everyone else Cylon is a little behind most of the other frontliners attack-wise at the moment, but with his stat gains, that could change fairly soon.

Even after all this, I still have 2 Mithril to spare.

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