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Part 4

When we left off, Sir Astral had just blasted the King of Granseal with a fireball and blacked out...

So all we have to do is find the evil Gizmo and kill him.
That's right. Kill him before he possesses somebody else. You may go.
(Adressing his unit) Let's go and defeat the evil Gizmo.

The guards exit...

Sir Astral is still sleeping... Is he alright? The King is upstairs looking in on Sire Astral. I'm worried.
Is he going to be OK?
We... we are...
He just fainted because he was exhausted by the two battles. Don't worry about him. If he dies, it doesn't matter. He's old anyway.

I don't know why, but I've always found that line to be hysterical. "Old people die, quit whining!"

Did our soldiers leave for the subjugation?
Yes, just a few minutes ago.
Oh, I'm too late. Astral came back to his senses just now.
That's great! Did you talk to him?
Astral said, he veels an ill omen behind the opening of the tower and Gizmo appearing. We must study the ancient history of Grans Island. A historian named Hawel lives northwest of Yeel. Astral asked me to send soldiers for him, but...
Ah, I understand.

And here comes the most pointless verbal exchange in the entire game... If I had to suffer through it, then so do you.

What should we do now?
What should we do?
Oh, yes!
Ah, yes!

Somewhere in the world, a writer just burst into tears and he doesn't know why.

Minister, I have a good idea.
As do I. You're the pupils of Astral. I know of you, Nigel. I heard that you did a very good job in the Ancient Tower.

Other than the whole "letting the Gizmo past and getting the King possessed" thing, maybe.

Why don't you go to Yeel and bring Hawel back here?

Nah, let someone else do it.

Ah, the good 'ol "here's a choice, but not really" device. Where would RPGs be without you?

Since we can't leave until we agree...

Back in town, we find that the shops are now open...

Thanks, OilSlick. Now I'll never be able to un-hear that.

The weapon store allows us to get better weapons for Nigel and Ron.

As we leave town, we find Samwise.

A soldier said you went into the castle. Is that true? Oooww! I missed it! I would've woken up early if I knew that...! So I came to meet you heare, Nigel. You're going to Yeel, right? Under the King's orders! Cool! Of course, I'm going too!

He joins up, bringing our member count up to 4.

Just outside of town, we find ourself attacked by the local wildlife.

Battle #2: The Secret of the Ooze.

This battle consists of 4 Oozes and 2 Huge Rats. They're considerably tougher than the Gizmos during our last encounter, but we've get better weapons, a new member, and they're not as close together.

I spend my first turn close to the starting area, allowing the enemy to approach.

Ron's new short spear allows him to strike from further away, just as in SF1. There is a change, however...

When attacking from a distance, the screen pans over to your target during your attack, giving the impression that your target isn't right in your face.

Ashley finishes the ooze that Ron injured, gaining level 4 and the Detox spell.

The first Huge Rat charges Samwise, however...

He has a pretty respectable defense rating.

And he hits fairly hard, too.

Nigel disposes of the rat.

While Samwise gets rid of the second Ooze.

Ron and Ashley tag-team the third Ooze.


Nigel and Ron quickly rid the world of the other Rodent of Unusual Size.

Nigel wounds the last Ooze, gaining level 5.

Ashley finishes it off, gaining another level herself.

With the battle concluded, it's time to have a look to the south before we go to Yeel. Why?

Mithril #2!

... Hey, what's in that cave?

Looks like a shrine of some sort.

Well, this looks familiar.

The basement has already been looted.

Except for the Power Water that the thief didn't take.

Next update: Onward to Yeel!