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Part 5

We won't be staying long. Apart from a single Healing Seed in one of the houses, Yeel has absolutely nothing interesting for the time being.

At the far north end of the city, we find this guy standing around:

I am studying at his house. Please follow me. Sir Hawel lives just outside of this village.

Sadly, he doesn't join yet. Just as we set foot outside of town...

Battle #3: More wildlife

3 Ooze, 2 Huge Rats, and one Huge Bat. The last battle was fairly easy, and so this one should be as well.

Like last time, I wait a turn before doing anything drastic.

Yeah, I think I'm about ready to move on to tougher foes.

Ron and Nigel make short work of the first Ooze.

Well, the rats can still be a pain, I guess.

Although Nigel can now kill them with one strike. He goes up a level.

Ron pokes a slime and gains level 5.

And Samwise finishes it off.

The other rat critically hits Ron!

It's still not exactly threatening.

Ron takes a swing at it, but...

It strikes again before it can be finished off.

Samwise eliminates the nuisance, gaining level 5.

At least Ashley has something to do now.

Samwise and Ron deal with the last Ooze before it can attack.

The Huge Bat is still a bit to the south, so I move Nigel in range to act as bait.

The bait works.

Well, it hits harder than the rats, at least.

But it can't stand up to a critical from Nigel.

With the local wildlife pacified slaughtered, the way to Hawel's house is cleared.

Sir Hawel! Granseal friends are here!
Strange... There's no answer. Has he gone somewhere? Well, why don't you wait for him inside?


You! What did you do to Sir Hawel?!

Rather than answer the questions, the two assailants make a break for the back door!

...It's no use running after them...
Sir... you're alive! Are you OK, sir? Why did they do such a cruel thing?
They were Galam soldiers. They demanded my notes on Ground Seal. They suddenly snatched at them, and... (cough)...

Like Gillian, Nigel is not a silent protagonist. Just a man of very few words. What...did he...say?
He's Nigel from Granseal. He said that Ground Seal has opened. And a serious disaster took place! He came to see you for more information.
What?! The door opened? Who broke the ancient seal?!

Rather than letting a poor old man rest in peace, Gillian drops one hell of a bombshell on him.

Calm down, sir. Why are you so excited?
(Cough, cough)... Shaggy, listen to me carefully. Grans Island is lost! That tower is the sacred seal that confines a terrible devil. Two jewels... (cough)... were... installed to...
Stop talking, or you'll die.
I'm almost dead anyway... Shaggy, look for the jewels... to seal... ancient...

Sir Hawel passes on.

Sir! Sir Hawel! Don't leave me alone! Oh, no...! I'm going to seal the tower. It's Sir Hawell's last wish. Nigel, please! His wish is related to your mission, right? Can you go with me and seal the tower? .

Well, since I wasn't exactly Captain Tactful here, I probably should.

Shaggy joins the party.

Before we leave Hawel's house, we find an Antidote and a Healing Drop inside his chests.

Now that we've got 5 members, I might as well show another new feature for Shining Force 2:

You can use the "member" function at any time to show a handy list comparing your party members' stats.

Next update: Galam's Ambush