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Shining Force 2

by Random Hajile

Part 6

Last time, we left off by tormenting a dying old man and having Shaggy join up.

Having accomplished everything we can at Hawel's house, we leave to return to Yeel. However...

Why did you kill Sir Hawel? How could you be so mean?
Answer me! Nigel, we must defeat them so we can learn the truth!

Nothing like some violence to loosen their tongues, eh? Good choice.

Capture them alive!

Apple departs, leaving his troops to do his dirty work, which brings us to...

Battle #4: We fight the law, but the law wins

This time, we're up against 3 Huge Bats, 3 Galam Soldiers, and 2 Galam Archers.

Surprisingly, the first Galam Soldier goes after Ron first, even though Ashley was in his range.

Not too painful.

And a Huge Bat went after Samwise.

The soldiers have fairly decent defense themselves.

Apparently, it doesn't take a critical for Nigel to kill bats with a single strike.

Shaggy is the game's resident Blaze master.  While the other two wizards we get can both learn Blaze 4, Shaggy does so at a much earlier level. 

Not much about the spell has changed from Shining Force 1.

As I advance a bit, the second Galam soldier charges Samwise.

Samwise and Ron injure it, and Shaggy finishes it off with a melee attack.

The nearby Galam Archer goes after Ron. I assume because Ron was already injured, even though Shaggy was in range.

Nigel takes a decent-sized chunk off its HP.

Ashley patches Ron up.

And the Galam archer injures him again.

Shaggy eliminates the nuisance, earning level 5 and learning Blaze 2.

After moving a bit ahead of the group, Nigel gets attacked by the last soldier.

Samwise and Ron make short work of it.

One of the bats moved into Nigel's range which means...

There's one less bat in the world.

As I move in towards the last two enemies, they both pounce on Nigel.

Samwise injures the Galam Archer, earning level 6.

While Ron pokes the Huge Bat.

Nigel hates bats as much as I do, so he finishes it off, earning level 7.

Shaggy test out Blaze 2, finishing off the Galam Archer. Victory is ours!

...Or is it?

Apple praises us for slaughtering his men like animals.

But, I can't let you escape.

He charges and strikes Nigel, knocking him unconscious.

Next update: Jailbreak!