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Part 46

Google Video: King Galam and Zeon
Dailymotion: King Galam - Part 1, Part 2. Zeon - Part 1 Part 2

For the video, I used a level 32 party in order to show off a few new spells, though I played a bit more recklessly to make up for the increased levels. For the new screenshot version, I kept my party at its original strength, but with one change...

This time, we're bringing along a fully revived party.

Cluny starts things off the same way as last time.

I'm a bit more conservative with Darin, though - I need him alive for later on, and since going after the Demon Master would expose him too much, I have him poke at the Pyrohydra from where it can't hit back.

Knox finishes it off, but is smacked upside the head by the Demon Master for his trouble.

Arch Demons are real bastards. They've got Bolt 3, enough MP to cast it three times, and they've got 99 HP, so you need to devote lots of attention to bring them down before they do nasty things to anyone nearby.

Quixote makes good use of Freeze 4.

It's not an instant kill, but I won't complain. After a critical like that, the Devil Griffin is as good as dead.

Tobias drops an Aura on the three hit by the demon.

As much as I'd like to kill the Arch Demon first, I'll play it safe. Darin finished the Demon Master off before it hit anyone with a Freeze 4.

On the other side of the battlefield, Nigel roughs up the other Arch Demon a bit.

That's what I like to see! Knox earned level 27 from countering.

That... Not so much.

Well, better him than someone else.

Ashley patches him back up.

I'm becoming happier and happier that we brought Quixote in.

Well, he almost had him. Brock earned level 21.

Cherry finished the first Arch Demon off, earning level 22.

I like it when chokepoints work to my advantage - The Pyrohydra can't attack anyone I don't want it to.

Cluny finished his business with the Devil Griffin.

A bad move on my part - I should've kept Shaggy further back for now. Oh, well.

Darin pokes away at the Pyrohydra that Apple's blocking.

And Tobias freshens Knox up a bit.

With the last Arch Demon dead, things are looking up a bit.

Another Pyrohydra down, courtesy of Cherry.

Well, I knew that was coming.

Zeon Guards are like Prism Flowers with 130 HP, but since there are only two of them they're more of a nuisance than a threat.

Thankfully, Brock can withstand a beating from an old man.

Tobias undoes the damage done to Cluny.

And Layla and Knox finish things up over on the right side.

It had to happen sooner or later - Brock was the first casualty of this battle.

Nigel finishes the second Demon Master off, earning level 28.

Nothing to worry about just yet.

Since she can't quite reach the Pyrohydra, I have Ashley toss a small heal on Nigel.

Nigel and Ashley destroy the Pyrohydra before it can move again.

Predictable, but futile.

I let her step back to patch herself up a little.

Too little, too late on the Horseman's part, she survived thanks to her healing, and it won't be getting another turn.

Quixote put an end to the pest, earning level 27.

At last, Pyrohydras have been added to the extinct species list.

The Blue Shaman was diced by Cluny - It dropped a Healing Rain, meaning I now have two.

Zeon finally makes his presence felt.

Daaaamn, that wasn't even a critical. Not quite enough to one-shot the bugger, but still impressive. Knox earned level 28.

Tobias took out the second Zeon Guard, earning level 26.

Not good.

Thankfully, the Demon Master finished off Apple instead of Cluny.

And now we're down to Zeon.

Darin starts the assault, positioning himself above Zeon's head.

While Knox takes the side.

Ashley uses the last of her MP to heal Cluny back to full.

And Ashley drops a Heal 3 on Knox, ensuring that he can stay in the fight a while longer.

Zeon is not magic resistant, which makes me a very happy man.

Lookie, we've finally put a dent into the black bar. There's a reason why I'm having Cluny stand back and use spells for now, don't worry.

Take a look at my formation. It doesn't matter if he targets Darin, Cluny, Knox, or Quixote - Zeon can only hit a single target if he uses his Demon Breath.

Tobias immidiately undoes most of the damage done.

We're pummeling the shit out of Zeon, but chances are that Knox won't live another turn.

With this, Zeon is down to under 200 HP remaining. Screw caution, time to go all-out.

After Nigel's attack, Zeon is down to 97 HP.

Seems I underestimated my team, looks like Knox just got a new lease on life.

Aww, Zeon's a sore loser. He finished Knox off with a critical hit.

One final poke from Darin and...

Nigel puts the King of the Devils in his place in a dramatic slugout - I couldn't possibly pull off a better finish if I tried.

We've only suffered three losses - the two Barons and Knox.

With a blinding flash, Zeon's body falls into the Abyss.

When we can see again, we find a wounded King Galam lying before us.

Apple, is that you? Apple, what happened?
King... King Galam... I don't know what to say.
I can't see very well. Am I dying? I don't want to die! Apple, tell me why.

Having regained consciousness, Princess Elis approaches the fallen King.

A devil? I don't understand. Are you... Elis, Princess of Granseal?
I have not seen you for a while. Let me see your face.

King Galam springs to his feet, grabs Princess Elis, and begins dragging her towards the back of the platform

What are you doing? King Galam! You're standing?!
Ha, ha, ha! Galam?

Zeon himself is now possessing King Galam's body.

How? You died!
Never! You don't know anything about me! I can't be killed by the sword. All you can do is weaken me.
Yes, Mitula told us to weaken him! I should have remembered that before Elis was captured!

You think? Good going, Astral.

Y... you fiend!

Apple steps toward Zeon, but he's using Elis as a hostage.

Scoundrel! We have to save her!

Nigel! Phoenix! Come here!
Well, Nigel. What should we do?
Quickly! My time is short, but I can still choke her! Get over here, NOW!
We have no choice...

But, we can't remove it.
Shut up! Do it!

Nope. Let me try this.

Oh, my! What should I do with it?
Put it in front of me.

Oh... oh... I feel my powers returning!
Zeon is reviving. We have to stop him! How? Mitula! Volcanon! Tell me!
Ha, ha! Astral! I'll have revived fully in a few minutes. You did a good job, Elis. You may take a rest now.
A rest? Wha...

Zeon spews a cloud of black gas at Elis.

And you too Apple. So long!


Knox and Astral charge Zeon, only to be sent flying back, but they served as a distraction...

The King of the Devils isn't allowed to say "Damn."

Zeon knocks Nigel away, stunning him.

That's what you get!

A strange light emerges from Nigel, making its way to Apple.

It clears away the flames incinerating him. Also, .

What? How?

King Galam... Please stop!
Get away!
I'll go, but I'll take you with me to another dimension.

Zeon sets Apple on fire again, but the strange power from Nigel dissipates the flames once more.

King... Galam...

Oh, my powers are fading. Where's the jewel?!
My King... come with me...

Apple drags Zeon into the pit with him. With a flash, the opening closes once more.

Apple has taken Zeon away.
It's over. But, what a tragic ending.
Nigel? Is he OK.

Oh, is she... is Princess Elis OK?

She's so cold, and looks so pale. Sir Astral, is she dead?
I don't think so. Let me see her.

No. She's cold, but she's breathing. I don't understand...

Mitula appears before us.

Hello, Astral. Nigel and Knox, you did very well.
Mitula! I knew you would come.
We've been watching.
We? I don't see anybody else?
C'mon, Knox. You know what I mean.
Yes. He helped you many times.

Knox seems a bit skeptical about his patron...

You doubt me? How about Apple? God Volcanon protected him from the fire.
Really? But he said he would forsake the people of the earth.
He said that to deceive the devils. If he had joined you at that time, Zeon would've come to Parmecia. The entire continent might have been destroyed. And if Volcanon had joined you, you would've leaned on him, wouldn't you have?
The Jewel of Light was made by him, wasn't it? It protected Apple, right?
You're very smart, Astral. I have to go now. I need the Jewel of Light.

And I need the Jewel of Evil.

I have to seal Zeon before he regains his power. You had better leave now. Arc Valley will be destroyed.
One more thing!
How do we wake Elis up?
She has been poisoned. When the poison leaves her body, her face will turn pink
Then she will awaken?
If she's still sleeping, she will need a kiss from her true love. This kiss will awaken her.
When will the poison leave?
I have no idea. It depends on her physical strength. It may take a few months... or a few years. Now, I must go. Good luck.

A few years...
Sir Astral, c'mon! Mitula told us to leave.
Oh, yeah... let's get out of here! Nigel, you carry Princess Elis!

Earthquakes seem to be a recurring theme in this game. Nice of Mitula to wait for us to get out, though. Oh, wai...

Nigel, run!

We take Elis and flee from the tower.

Next time: Two Years Later.