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Part 48

I really can't believe I'm doing this. Let's meet our contestants, shall we?

Team Shortbus:

Nigel is as powerful as ever - He's the only one on the team that can dependably survive two turns from Zeon, but even that isn't a sure thing if Zeon gets some double attacks or criticals in.

38 HP. I'm bringing along someone with 38 HP. His defense isn't as high as you'd think it'd be, either.

Wolfy is a top-tier attacker, and probably would've been worthy of being a member of the main force throughout the game.

Counter Swords are the best Mithril weapons that Bird Battlers can use. His attack power is kind of lowish, and his defense is lousy for someone that has to get close to attack - his ability to fly is his only real perk.

I gave Grizzle the Running Ring to keep him mobile.

Her attack power is the lowest of the archers, though her defense is slightly higher than Furlong's would be at an equivalent level.

Even his face pisses me off.

He's Harvey with less defense and agility.


Another subpar flier.

He's basically Wolfy with lower base movement - but I used an alternate save to give him and Petrus Running Pimentos.

If not for his lackluster HP, Petrus would be an unstoppable terror. He's as solid as a brick wall and he hits like he thinks he's Knox.

It'll be a video only update this time, because quite frankly... There's no way in HELL I'll be able to pull that off again.

Google: Entire Battle
Dailymotion: Part 1, Part 2

I still can't believe that I actually pulled it off. So, what's the reward for my victory?