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by SelenicMartian

Part 5: Days 10, 11 and 12. Bear planking.

Days 10, 11 and 12. Bear planking.

New Tales of the Samurai



may have a higher level of vigilance than normal.

Also, when something unusual happens enemies will respond in different ways. Some will stay on the spot, some will hurry back to where they were before it happened, and others will walk slowly back to their posts.

Identifying each enemy's individual characteristics will help you succeed on your missions.






A double helping this time.

Vote 1

Do I ruin Goh's relationship with:

Ichijo, the (Trust 31);

Akame, the (Trust 22);

Sadame (Trust 27)?

Vote 2

Here's the next story mission


Go and steal it. If it's the stone you're looking for, I'll let you have it. But if it's not, I'll take it. Sounds fair?

When you steal the treasure, send it to me first. Trust me: I'll just check what's inside.

Do we mail the stone to Sadame, or do we grab it right away?


At first I thought someone shot Goh with a bow during the fight with the Akame guys. Then I watched it frame by frame...

They tired to kill me with a mushroom.