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Shivers 2

by Iris of Ether

Part 20: Music Video 2

gschmidl posted:

As for who he is... it's a game with lots of music in it and there's a dude with a deep voice wearing a mask -- it's clearly The Residents' Mr. Skull.

LoreOfSerpents posted:

Seriously, we're supposed to be afraid of a cosplayer with a paper bag over his head?

On the subject of lyrics: yes, actually, they're available. When playing at normal resolutions, they're shown below the videos. I've cut them out mostly because the videos would be way too small to see otherwise. But I can totally provide them here.

Get a Grip:
If you look out your window... You can see a real good deal.
But it even gets better babe... When you're under the window sill.
No you don't need a crowbar now... Just some real strong fingertips.
You'll get a pleasant surprise... If you can only, GET A GRIP.
My momma told me, momma, momma... My momma told me... To get a grip.
My momma said to pick the very best one and YOU ARE IT!

Know Your Enemy:
Every moment that you might steal... Lonely places can reveal.
The only way to win at this little game now... Is to know your enemy and to trust who you can.
There's evil, there's madness behind those baby blues... He's pulling all the strings, he knows just what to do.
There's no time to worry and no place to hide... If you don't watch out, you'll end up taking your last caddy ride.
I know, I say, I know.