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Shivers 2

by Iris of Ether

Part 23: Music Video 5

Here's your daily dose of lyrics:

Spell It Out:
Had a dream ONE night.... And I didn't look TWICE. Mother Goose stole the canes from the THREE blind mice.
Well, the FOUR corners lie... In a FIVE alarm fire... And SIX feet under is my heart's desire. The SEVEN deadly sins ATE a hole in them all... And a cat may have NINE lives.
But I watched TEN little Indians fall... TEN little Indians falll... TEN little Indians fall.
You'll get OVER me, baby... When you're UNDER the gun... Whatever's LEFT over... You'll know I'm RIGHT for once.
Instead of giving UP... Don't let it get you DOWN... You and two is FORWARD... I'll be BACK on the ground.
I'm HERE when you need me... and THERE when you want it... and I may be wearing OUT.
But I watched... Ten little INdians fall... Ten little INdians fall... Ten little INdians fall.
Set 'em up... Just to knock them down... You may think you're too cool for words.
But let me spell it out... Let me spell it out... Let me spell it.

And since you're an awesome audience, have the full-length version of "Spell It Out":

Remember, we only hurt because we love.