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Part 10: SSSSSssssssssssssssssssss

Since there are no puzzles from last update, let's just get right to it.

After yesterday's surprising lack of a tie, we are once again tied today. This time it's between the market and the bakery. You guys hungry or something?

I'll again use the continued awesomeness provided by LoreOfSerpents as a tiebreaker. I also greatly appreciated the lovely poetry provided by gschmidl, but he did not vote.

Phil's store is actually right next to the library, at the intersection leading to the mouth of the canyon.

This familiar symbol tells us there's probably another stone thingy to find in here.

We first notice the desk on the left side of the store as we walk in.

This poster board is on the wall behind the desk. Looks like Phil was kind enough to put up a poster for Charles' father, but Charles did not return the favor for Phil's son.

There are all sorts of things to play with behind the desk.

Including this snake. Hear that rattling hissing noise? It's making that roughly every 4 seconds. Over and over and over again. It's rather annoying.

Poking it with a stick our bare fingers just makes it hiss again.

That's not all we hisss poke at. We can press the buttons on this, but they don't seem to hisss do much besides show numbers on the screen.

"...van, considering they know so much about cars and all. (empty laugh) They said someone from hisss Cyclone cut all the wires. As if someone from here would actually do something like that. Besides, with the landslide they're stuck here with the rest of us... aren't they? (laughs nervously) Thanks again Phil."

Today's episode of People Being Dicks features slightly more hiss than normal.

" my trailer -- and bring money."

Speaking of snakes....

"...stop it? Two o'clock in the library."

Something tells me he hisss isn't talking about lowering taxes.

Phil's phone is cleaner than most. I don't know why I noticed that.



On our way out from behind the desk, we notice hisss something suspicious on the ground.

The promised quarter!

You all might be hungry, but I'm thirsty.

I put the quarter in the slot, but it just hisss drops out into the coin return. You motherfucker! I was promised soda!

That takes us back to where we started. We can see the hisss store's museum exhibit on the far side of the room.

I'm sure that doesn't piss off their spirits or anything. Who wouldn't want their petrified bones gawked at by passers by?

The ice cream chest on the left can't be interacted with, so let's check out the other side of the store.

...I hope you all like spaghetti. Except it looks like they're out of noodles, so it's just gonna be sauce.

Maybe this crocodile thing on the floor here ate the noodles. At least it's not hissing at me.

Don't fret! We can jazz up the sauce with some onions! Onions make everything better.

The shelf to our left looks to have some boxes of wheaty poofs or whatever the fuck. Those are less interesting than the door in back there.

It's ... a coat.

...with a missing button!

Yeah, that's kind of useless to us.

Oh god. No. I had better not find a dog in there.

Fucking christ! I changed my mind! I'd rather find the dog!

Guys, the woman in the refrigerator is a trope to be avoided.

Against my better judgment, I decide to see what's in the other half of the freezer.

A bahos puzzle. It doesn't do anything until I click the mouth on the upper left.

That bastard Darkcloud stole all the eggs for his puzzle.

The egg can only move in the four main directions (not diagonally). It moves exactly the number of spaces as there are dots in its cup, so moving down from its current cup (3 dots) will launch it onto the white cup with one dot. The goal is to get it to the space in the bottom right.

It's actually a pretty fun puzzle, so give it a shot.

World's worst garden gnome. ...or maybe best.

Now let us never speak of this again.


Can't get anything from the vending machine.
"Check under the windowsill"
We might be able to find quarters at Phil's store. solved this update
The literal key to "the truth" is under Burt's trailer.
Who is Darkcloud?
Find something to use on the candle.
We have some kind of triangle code thing.
Find something to use on the gas pump.
Find three chess pieces.
What do the directions in the church music and Spell It Out mean?
We need to find a stone symbol of a bearclaw.
We need to find a stone symbol of a ... snake ... thing. It wasn't in Phil's store.
We can't get anything from the soda machine.
Soylent Green is people.


Round and round she goes, where she hisss stops nobody knows.

Location list:
Barber Shop
Burt's Trailer
Max's Cave
Mine Entrance
Phil's Market
Savings & Loan