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Part 16: RockTV

Last update we got two bahos, so this time we have two tile puzzle solutions. How exciting!

This one always annoys me because I keep trying to move around the triangles at the top and bottom.

gschmidl also had a correct answer, but I like to show off how these things can have different solutions. Either solution works fine, which I think is actually kind of cool

Then there was one more puzzle last update.

I gave it an honest shot. I really did.


Moving on, Shadowed Bacon wants to know what happens if we play our Very Smart Person card when Spirit Mom makes us choose. She has different responses that she can give every time you choose wrong. Most of them are random, but two are character specific. For example, if you choose Tad:

At least the game recognizes that he was the next most likely choice. On the other hand, Burt... the least likely option. Everything in-between just gets a random response.

"No, I can't just tell you..."

"What do I have to do -- show you a picture?"

"What's wrong with you? Why can't you get it right?"

"I NEED you to choose. This isn't a game, you know."

"I thought you were different. I thought you knew."

Eventually, after failing to guess it correctly 10-15 times, she just continually repeats, "What's wrong with you? Why can't you get it right?"

Before we can venture into the mine, we need to get the gas can. That means chess.

The markings on the bottom, along with Olivia's chess grid, tell us to place them like so.

Then, magically, the drawer opens and the phone rings.

So a screwdriver can open the thing but not a fucking crowbar? Adventure games!

Well, the use for this seems obvious.

This is a Shivers 2 designer crying out for help and surreptitiously warning fans to never get into the game industry.

As expected, the screwdriver opens the stuck drawer.

...which gets us this rusty gas can.

...which we fill with gas.

...which we pour into the generator.

...which finally lets us flip the damn thing on and get into the mine.

This thing is actually an elevator leading down, which is why it didn't work without power.

The first thing we notice upon entering is a bahos stuck in the corner. That one's our reward for finishing the chess puzzle, but we're going to ignore it until we're done exploring the mine.

Pressing the down button eventually takes us down here. Nothing in this screen can be interacted with, which is a recurring theme in the mine.

Instead, we want little doorways with those direction signs hanging on them. This one is next to the elevator, and it's the only direction we can go from here.

I'm not kidding. There's nothing here but rocks and signs.

...and bones.

Let's walk on them.

I'm pretty sure this means we have to die now.

To the right of the bones there's an area that actually branches off in two directions.

Here's the one on the left.

...and here's the one on the right. They actually both go to the same place with no notable differences in-between. Fantastic. Let's go through the right one since we're here.

This is the one screen between here and the common room both passages lead to.

At the end of the right tunnel there's a nearby collapsed tunnel with a ... stick next to it.

I think it's supposed to be a torch, which is hilarious because this is the brightest, least scary mine ever. There aren't even any bats or scary noises or anything. Just rocks.

There's the other tunnel we could have taken.

Before heading back, let's check out the ladder next to it.

That brings us to a puzzle attached to a cart ride.

We can't actually interact with this puzzle yet, though, because Shivers designers like to save the super fun happy slide for last.

Back we go, then.

Wasn't that exciting?!

I guess that means it's bahos time.

...well, while we're here.

Inside the center of the kiva there's a weird picture thing and a random hole.

This does nothing and seems to want an item of ours, but none of the ones we have do anything.

This... is a hole.

Using our tape player, though, we can play back the recording of some poor voice actor paid to make the dumbest sounds in his professional career. He was hoping nobody would ever upload that to the internet, but it's too late now. It will be remembered forever.

The hole starts glowing purple and tells us to get the last bahos before bothering it with our petty bullshit.

...well, that was fun.


Find something to use on the gas pump. solved this update
Relatedly, get gas for the mine. solved this update
What do the directions in the church music and Spell It Out mean?
The goddamn bees.


Uhh... cake or pie? Boxers or briefs? Shivers 2 or piercing retinal trauma?