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Part 18: Every Close Has Its Thorns

Lots of videos today, so buckle up!

But first, let's step back a bit. What would happen if we had gotten into Max's cave before opening up the mine?

So it turns out that nothing stops you from getting additional Bahos past the point of Max destroying the Kiva entrance. If your timing is particularly unlucky, you get to run through Cyclone like a headless chicken trying desperately to solve that whole mine puzzle chain before you die.

Note: You probably will not. I hope you saved before that!

Shadowed Bacon posted:

Hey max, here's a good revenge plan: GET A GUN

No gun at hand, but what if I give him this shiny stone instead?

Max just conquered the world... with a bag on his head.

"...Doesn't matter; still counts."

(Thanks gschmidl for the pic.)

Toffile posted:

Screw both of them and repair the motorbike.

Toffile says what basically everyone else was already thinking. I also can't quite do this, but have the next best thing.

How about "No"?

This is the canon ending. We're done. Thanks for playing!

...Oh, alright.

Shadowed Bacon posted:

I guess the right answer is to force max to "see" Norah?

RedMagus posted:

Ah man, as much as I would love to be party of a crazy scooby-doo tribe, I have to side with Ghost Mom.

Clearly Nora is the goodie two-shoes choice, so let's get our saintly ending over with.

Yay, we did it!

Oh, fuck you.

So what's left, then?

Snorb posted:

Give the Spirit the Fake Ianyi half we're carrying. Let's see him figure that shit out.

Sounds straightforward enough.

Hey, looks like he figured it out.

Okay, okay. We'll actually be tricksy about it, now. To get the full ending, you put down your fake Ianyi half as in the prior video, only you snatch it back while Max isn't looking, then swap it with the real one.

So our prize for doing all that is...more Trip Cyclone videos unleased upon the world. Go us.


In case you wanted to get a better look at that puzzle:

And, yes, you can die here. Oh, Shivers 2, painful to the last.

We are done!
What do the directions in the church music and Spell It Out mean? Nothing. Because the designers are dicks.


What is the best way to melt CD plastic?