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Part 15: Death to the Deciever

Your daily sermon, delivered live from New Jerusalem.

Today's speaker: Sister Godwinson

Brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God. The Lord knows your suffering in this righteous war.

He knows your struggles against the vile Hive...

The perverse Peacekeepers...

And the monstrous demons that must be rooted out from this new Earth.

Know that the Lord is on our side, and that even today he defends our troops as they defend our prayerful living places.

I know that some among you have questioned our fervor. Why, some of you have asked, do we not allow human institutions to protect us?

Why do we not just return to Yang the bases that we liberated?

For is it not true, they say, that a bullet can kill a faithful man as well as it would kill the faithless?

Those doubters know who they are. They are the ones whose minds are corrupted by the lies of the Devil, those who lack courage to open themselves up fully to the truth of scripture. Let them look at the bravery of our true heroes!

They do not falter in their faith, but stride bravely before the guns of the unbelievers, bearing the word of the Lord! As the bullets buzz over our banners, in the battle between belief and steel it is steel that has fallen again and again.

They may have strong walls of iron, but before the hammer of God it is as paper. Bones break, armour cracks, flesh withers but the eternal Word will never fade.

I have said that the Lord shall provide. And I meant it. They who are our enemies may have pride in the secrets they prised out from nature, the lies whispered from Satan in the dark, but even now the Lord befuddles their minds and delivers their secrets to us. Weapons now we have, resanctified in the name of the Christ, that are fully twice the power of theirs.

What, you might ask, is the lesson in this? The lesson is this. Our God is a loving God, but His love must be earned, through worship and service, bravery and strength. Ours is the role to do good for the good God! We must not shirk this duty, for no one else would do it.

We must fight. Fight the forces of Satan on the plains in the north, and his minions again on the blasted motorways to the south. Shoot them as they come to us, muttering their lies, their sly insults about how we 'believe what we prefer to be true rather than what the evidence shows to be likely and possible'.

Convert them, we shall, or kill them. Kill them. Kill them! Let those who reject the Lord burn in hell for a thousand years!

Let them come before us, begging for mercy when all their arrogance fails them, and let us then bring down God's justice.



Hey, things are going actually well! Despite the fact that Miriam has done basically no research at all, a situation that seems likely to continue. We've even managed to take one of Lal's relatively big cities, though a stack of his troops are likely to retake it quickly. Annoyingly, we can't build defenders there, because the drones are rioting.

-Make peace with Lal
-Fight on
-Fight on, with atrocities (Nerve staple, obliterate the base before it is recaptured, use nerve gas)
-Or alternatively, I can just save the atrocities for Yang

Stuff to be named (first come, first served)
Impact/Gattling infantry (bulk of our current force, mostly obselete)
Plasma garrison (base defenders)
Chaos infantry (new technology being prototyped)
Armoured fighting vehicles
Bases: Any you've seen on a screenshot