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Part 16: The Cleansing of the Mesa

The Holy Bible: New KJV (draft)

Book of Miriam

8:1 And the Lord spake to the Sister Miriam, finding her of good nature and good faith: 'I have delivered Temple of the Dog unto your hands, and it shall be consecrated in My name."

8:2 And Miriam went amongst the people and they shouted to her. "Who is this God we do not know, we have no need for Him."

8:3 And the fury of the Lord was with her that day, and she raised her staff and bade them obey.

8:4 Lo, a great agony fell amongst them, and they found that they could not curse the Lord any more, and that the Holy Spirit was amongst them.

8:5 Amongst those faithless there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth that night.

8:6 Then the Lord said, Thou shalt raise up a place of rest for our crusaders, so that they may rest for further conquests.

8:7 And so it was done, though the workers were reluctant, and cursed the Lord for their heavy labour.

8:8 So on the next day, when Miriam gathered up the young men for their service, they came unwillingly, for they saw no duty in the name of the Lord.

8:9 And when they met the forces of the Deceiver upon the roadway to the great city Babel, they held back their arrows, for they thought, surely they would not fire upon their own people, who follow the way of the Lord unwillingly.

8:10 But the Devil knows not his own, and the Deceiver's knights surrounded them, and they were all put to the sword, and among them some of those with doubt in their hearts who had come with Miriam.

8:11 And the next day, a great thunderous roar shook the earth, it was the rage of the Lord, and the tents that were built fell to ruins.

8:12 And Miriam strode out amongst the rubble the next day, and proclaimed, There is but one God, and Miriam is her prophet.

8:13 And you'd better believe this or we'll kill you all.

8:14 And the people rebuilt the tents and the eating places that had been destroyed, and the priests came and sanctified it.

8:15 And the Lord's anger was assuaged, and a blessed light shone down upon the place.

8:16 Lal the Deciever was jealous and fearful at this, and swore to raze the places of worship, for the Lord had hardened his heart.

9:1 Now, Yang the Abomination, who styled himself Chairman was strong in those days, and he cursed the Lord, and swore to raze the places of worship and kill the faithful.

9:2 In this time, Dierdrie of Scotland, who had been a friend of the faithful, had doubt in her heart, and said, Let us trade peacefully.

9:3 And be merciful, for the Deciever had twisted her.

9:4 But the Lord spake to Miriam in a dream saying, Look, Yang even today corrupts the Eden I have made for you.

9:5 And Miriam knew what she had to do, for the Lord had delivered unto her a great sword of burning fire against the infidels.

9:6 With this sword, and with the great host of believers, she went forth amongst the city of Fellowship, and smote the defenders greviously.

9:7 By the end of the day, the city was theirs, and the residents made to accept the glory of the Lord, and their mammon sanctified and used to decorate the temples.

9:8 And that night, Miriam made offerings, so that the next day, the Lord raised up great obelisks to offer the men shade as they went through the desert, and they were heartened.

9:9 Next, they came upon the city of Great Collective, and the people there cried out for mercy, saying that they had served Yang unwillingly.

9:10 But the Lord had told Miriam that they were fornicators and furries and communists and not fit to live, so they were all put to the sword.

9:11 The ground ran red that day and the earth there is still cursed.

9:12 The army came at last for the Hole of Aspiration, where the Abomination had built many great weapons and could by Satanic magic call thunder down from a distance.

9:13 But the men had been steeled by past slaughter, and went forth without fear.

9:14 They caught the knights of the Abomination unhorsed and killed them, and then in a furious slaughter killed the rest.

9:15 Now, the people again asked for mercy, but the wise men amongst the soldiers said that the hole dwellers conspired with the demons of earth and sea.

9:16 So they made the dwellers give over not just their jewels but also their firstborn as payment for their sins.

9:17 A great consternation went amongst the people, but it was done, and no calamity befell the hole dwellers that night, though the Abomination cursed them and tried to invoke his demons.

9:18 And now the cities of the Abomination numbered but four, and the fear of the justice of the Lord was in his heart.


The basic trick that went into winning this war is to never defend. Everyone's defense rating is alot weaker than their offense, so the best strategy is to hold back, let them come to you, and then attack. It helps that most of Yang's troops are artillery, and so mostly useless. Lal's a bit more annoying, since his rovers are running circles around my troops.

Now the question is: Do we want to switch to Yang now? Basically, this is the last chance we have to save him. Yang's possibly less annoying in the long term, since he doesn't have the same research penalties. Oh, yeah, Zakharov's managed to claim the Hunter-Seeker Algorithm and the Ascetic Virtues.

-Switch to Yang

Renaming required
-Fellowship City
-Hole of Aspiration
-Our current continent