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Part 22: The Eye of the Storm

Executive Summary Report - 2360

The following report is classified level Alpha. Selected portions may be under higher classification status.

Intel Readiness

The full rollout of hovertanks to our field agents has been a complete success.

With the new clean, small, and most importantly quiet fusion engines, our agents can move swiftly to and from their destination,  doubling our output from the Gaian project.  All this, at no additional cost per agent.

Less successful has been the drop models of the same. Costing 40% more on average, and requiring a substantial recovery time before actually carrying out operations, they at present fill no niche in our intelligence service.

In the end, though, our  Gaian operations may be winding up.  Technologically, we are now fully up to date with our rivals.

In fact, it is the belief of the Intelligence Advisory Directorate that we may now surpass them, thanks to additional research done by ourselves...

And results gained from  recovered Believer xenofacts. We are fortunate that Miriam's lackeys did not realise the wealth they were sitting on, taking the artifacts to be 'sacred signatures' of some 'intelligent designer'. 

The final, new piece of our intel jigsaw is  the survelliance equipment we snuck in amongst the scientific apparatus on Sputnik II. The hydrophonics labs will provide us with a substantial bonus to nutrition, but the recalibrated 'weather monitoring' systems have given us a full geographic survey of Planet, an advantage no other faction possesses at this time. 

Economic readiness

Economically, we are finally moving into our proper superpower status, and our income is healthily supplemented by the  diversion of funds from Gaia. 

Our workers continue to bend the countryside to our will. Development of the vast new solar farm atop Sunny Mesa is at 40% completion, while tube networks are starting to replace the old roadways.  Implantation of RFID chips to monitor citizen use of these is in progress. 

Thanks to our leveraging of copter technology to ferry colonists, the new volcanic hotspot to the South is ours barely days after eruption. We hope to claim the other soon as well.

Finally, we have successfully completed construction of the Living Refinery before the University, our first successful project since landing. The race for completion was closer than expected, with our airlifts of resources and  cutting of safety margins giving us just about the edge. The final casualty figures were acceptable. 

See Morganic Assessment Report / Backup for international impact.

Military readiness

While technologically we now rank second, our implementation of new weapons technologies is falling behind. In the naval field, despite much new investment, we still have alot of catching up to do - especially against the Gaian Maritime Control Center. Our predominant weapons systems are still chaos or fusion based, whereas our rivals in the University or Gaia have progressed to Shard technologies, with a 30% increase in firepower. New prototypes will need time to produce.

It is suggested that the populace be asked to supply names for the new Shard based designs for planes, ships, and tanks, to build public-military harmony.

Nevertheless, in terms of sheer focused numbers, we control the western sea straits by virtue of our strategically placed airbase, from which we run regular patrols.

Additionally, the recent breakup of communications will allow us to carry out [spoiler]atrocities[/spoilers] without inconvenient international attention.


We are thus stronger than we appear. It is the opinion of this advisory panel that one of the following two plans for immediate forcible liberation be adopted, and upgrades to our forces be done in the field where possible. Our benefactor agrees with this conclusion.

1: Operation: Hostile Takeover*

*: Codenames are provisional, and subject to advice from other depts

The primary goal of this operation is the complete subjugation of Morgan's holdings on the Isle of Deianira.

1. Morgan is militarily very weak, having not progressed beyond missile based weaponry. His proximity to us places the majority of his holdings within needlejet range, and it is possible that the international community may be persuaded that the Isle is already within our sphere of influence. We would merely be neutralising a rebellious province.

2. Infiltration has also been very successful, providing us with plentiful military intel. (accuracy unknown, however) We have also successfully isolated Morgan.

3. According to Intel, Morgan is building this.

It is not very clear the possible power of this weapon. On the low end, some scientists suggest it would be a mere bunker buster. On the upper end, other point to the possibility for a scalable weapon of potentially unbounded power. Needless to say, it would be unfortunate for Morgan to possess this weapon, and us not to.

The plan is:

Our attack will begin with a naval attack on offshore Morganite assets. Following this, landings were be made on the main isle by marine detachments with air support. Once a beachhead is claimed, tanks will be unloaded and proceed rapidly to acquire the PB prototypes.

Additionally, a simultaneous covert attack will attempt to disable the Morganite construction project. Estimates of success likelihoods are in the 50% range, so it is possible that we will have to weather a nuclear attack. In any case, care should be taken to minimise damage to Morganite holdings, with the focus on forcing a surrender.

2. Operation: Spring Break*

The primary goal of this operation is the conquest of the University, focusing on the bases from which secret projects are maintained.

1. Zakharov possesses around half the secret projects on Planet, which are of great value to us. Of particular interest are the Hunter Seeker Algorithm, the Command Nexus, and the Neural Amplifier.

2. Zakharov has the current technological lead. These technologies belong in our hands. Deactivation of the HSA will allow our probe teams open access.

3. Zakharov is militarily weak, and under heavy pressure from the Gaians. This weakness can be manipulated to our advantage. More importantly, if we do not attack, the Gaians may conquer the University, and become unstoppable.

The plan is:

The basis for our attacks will be the Gaian occupied towns marked in blue. The University will aid us in retaking these towns, but we will re-establish them as bases from which we will strike at Zakharov himself.

First, force RED will launch an amphibious assault striking at the location of the HSA, disabling it. When RED moves on to the second target, disbanding the citizen's defence force and the command nexus, YELLOW will move. Finally, GREEN will start off, conquering remaining major University bases.

Note that both potential targets are our current allies. There may be unrest amongst the drones if we attack directly. Advice is requested for potential PR angles to justify our operations...


Here's a full map. Notice that I've figured out the zoom key!

-Attack Morgan
-Attack Zakharov
-Attack neither

Note that we'll probably be switching back to the Gaians after either operation...