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Part 13

[You guys want to know what I did in this update? I raided San Juan, man. In the name of the Dutch, I raided San Juan, but I needed a crew. What does a crew need? About 1000 per person. I needed at least 125 people to feel adequate enough to raid. What does this boil down to? I grinded all I could for as much money as I could. Have a look at what I did.]

[That's not even all of it. I didn't bother to screenshot many due to attempting to streamline the process of plundering that much a bit. There are no images of looting in this update because they're all in that animation. Apply to the post as you will. Also note that one ship that I never fired upon carried nothing more than 17 pieces of gold. Just remember that I am almost constantly plundering something at some point between each and every event.]

Yar! The plan was set! We were to sail for Teach's buried locker if we were to ever hope of having a crew fit enough to raid!

And so we set sail!

[Bet you guys forgot about this part of the game, eh? You know, the part that is dreadfully boring where the music cuts out and you're stuck in the uninteresting sea with no waves, no bad things, and a complete lack of any form of fast travel to make journeys eastward a trial of patience? Yeah, those were the good old days.]

[Notice if you will that the Puerto Principe is actually in the middle unlike a lot of other places. In other words, you have to walk to get there. It's a good thing ships never set sail from it.]

Har! We found the mark mentioned on the map and happily anchored our ships to search for treasure!

[This..this is horrible. I spent that long in game looking for this treasure. Do you want to know why? The map said to search east of the Puerto Principe.]

[THIS is not east of Puerto Principe!]

Regardless of the faulty map, the crew discovered the marker in the distance! Blackbeard's treasure was surely deep inside, awaiting for someone to open it!


Arr, the money went into the gold storage located on the Eenhoorn. Noting the value of the ship, I requested that Commander Scruffy allow myself control of the fleet from his ship. He agreed. Upon the Enkelblessure Bijten, we sailed towards Santiago.

[See what's wrong with this picture?]

[How about now?]

[Approaching Santiago reveals that there is a French sloop of war sailing around the inside of the city. It is stuck there. In fact, this was where that ship spawned when I left the nearby settlement. Guess it's time for another CONTEST!

Alright! It's currently Wednesday, I'm giving you guys until this upcoming Saturday to submit a paragraph or a picture to explain how or what this French sloop of war is doing in the middle of Santiago. Winner of the best paragraph and winner of the best picture will get "Only My Vote Matters" tickets.]

[Just a reminder that I'm constantly plundering.]

I bought almost a whole map in a nearby settlement! More treasure was always welcome, so it was time to set off in search of Blade Rock!

[When I was looking for Blackbeard's treasure, I practically ended up memorizing the whole eastern coast of the landmass Puerto Principe is located on. Guess where this treasure is. Directly east of Puerto Principe.]

Twas an easy find, located along the coastline where we anchored.

There wasn't as much as I would have liked, but it was better gold than what the Spanish were supplying! Har har!

[They started throwing treasure maps at me for a short while. I figured that since many of them were useless pirates or were already dead, I had might as well hunt for them.]

Even the French pirate L'Olonnais' treasure was too easy to find.

It was a short walk past the hanging skeleton, just over the hill.

Worth even less than Stede's treasure, but that didn't matter as it was still more money in the royal sloop.

[A reminder that I still fight the ships.]

In Tortuga, the governor promoted me to Marquis. Marquis Goonham. It had a sort of ring to it, but still reminded me too much of the treacherous man who enslaved my family.

[Hey, a British person! Yeah, I still fence as well, but several upgrades has made losing almost an impossibility unless I end up against a fast man using a rapier.]

[More treasure. Let's forget about this for now, though, as we don't have enough pieces of the map to locate it.]

127 crewmates were outside of San Juan. The day had finally come. After a long time of sailing out and about the sea, we were coming to the climax of this short tale. San Juan stood gracefully, far away from pirates and natives so it would never be attacked. Long overdue it was for a raid.

[Actually, 125 crew. They sent out a pirate hunter and I generally have to fight them or get annoyed, during which I lost 2 people.]

[Looks simple enough, doesn't it? We just have to make it over to the town to properly raid it.]

[There were plenty of these guys hanging around at the side. The only reason I even stand a chance of at least getting some money out of the city is because they literally set them up in a line as opposed to bunched around me.]

The Spanish cavalry had set itself up adjacent to myself and the other commanders! A poor move indeed!

We slayed many, chasing off the rest.

There was little point in taking on the entire army of them however as we could not possibly win. I sent the pirates ahead of us to begin the raid instead.

It provided a fair amount of gold, as any good Spanish port should.

I found yet another piece of Kidd's treasure map among the valuables.

[Sometimes, I wish they'd actually punish me. It just feels so wrong to walk into a governor's mansion, have them talk to me calmly about how I just ruined their whole town, and then bid me a great fairwell.]

It had been a long time since I had spoken with the governor of St. Martin.

Upon my arrival, he rewarded me with a promotion in honor of the many tales he had heard of my bravery against the Spanish.

Captain's Log

Captain's Log trampled by horses during raiding of San Juan.

The Choice

Hey guys, I know I didn't get to capture San Juan, but I raided it nonetheless. With the gold I have now, it's possible to travel out to the pirate havens, grab some lemmings, then rush back and fight with the soldiers of San Juan. No matter. Pick. Now. Only one, though.

1. Go after Santiago
2. Go after San Juan
3. Go after Baron Raymondo
4. Go after Kidd's treasure

Remember the new contest!