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Part 9

Information went that Baron Raymondo had been seen in Santo Domingo, so what was there to do? We left!

[Let me sum this update up for you for the most part. We sail to where Raymondo is and sink ships along the way to keep the men from being mutinous. Futile attempts.]

[In fact, there's relatively little to say. In majority of the cases, we just sail back, sell the ship, and continue onward, occasionally docking at places to keep the information up.]

[In fact, from now on, I'll be cutting ships I don't deem interesting enough to deserve more than one screenshot of what's in their hold. Steamlining further, you see?]

An adventure in plundering the professional way was our slow trip to Raymondo's hiding spot!

[Absolutely disgusting. I hate it. I wish I could just raid the town and make it a French settlement again.]

And so we arrived on April 28th of 1604 in the vicinity of Santo Domingo! The crew took off towards the tavern as I searched for information concerning Raymondo.

[And so we have the theme for this update. Chasing down that dirty scoundrel. It's worse because I didn't have any travel music to listen to, not even a lick of Yakety Sax. This is why I want to get Baron Raymondo over with. As has been mentioned in the thread, he's basically the only bad guy and he refuses to tell you anything all at once. In the end, it's more money for us, but more time as well and tedious to track him down.]

Luckily for us, we had an easier trip going to the Caracas than Raymondo did.

In fact, we arrived before him!

[One of my problems with the game besides never having anyone other than Baron Raymondo at this point is that the Baron is pretty much never in a town. I don't think it's actually possible to catch him when he's in town. I've watched him dock. It consists of him waiting there for a day which is about two seconds of in-game time before sailing away. Lousy bugger.]

Regardless, he would have to be close, at least past the port of Coro!

[Glitches like this happen often in ship battles near the coast. I found it humorous enough to deserve an audience with you folk.]

[I intend to keep most of these bits just so you can see the various ships I end up capturing.]

[Another glitch in the game revolves around the idea of the transport ships. If you so much as see one of these ships and it gets to the spot intended, you receive credit for it. There were at least 7 or 8 of these ships, 4 of which transported governors, 2 of which transported immigrants, and I swear I saw a troops transport and a grain transport. Most of these made it to port so the Spanish suddenly loved me.]

[What this means is that they liked me enough to not charge me for the letter this time around. Had no choice but to accept it. Looks good on the resume I guess. Plus, we can now trade in Spanish ports without being called Dutch heretics.]

More ships were raided as we awaited the arrival of the evil Baron Raymondo!

More ships were sold back to their own nation as we awaited the arrival of the evil Baron Raymondo!

[If there's one thing you take from this picture, it's the word "EVIL!" in the background. The game is blunt with things like this.]

Har! It was time, we were going to raid and conquer the evil Baron Raymondo!

We drew our swords and began our duel upon the ship.

It did not end well. He threw me overboard and sunk the first of the Flying Dutchmen.

Yet again without a ship and with a small crew, with numerous unable to fight, we attempted to follow Raymondo in Commander Dini's ship but to no avail. He escaped in the direction of San Juan.

We plundered, but upon arrival in San Juan, we discovered he had left for Santiago. We sailed westward in the direction of Tortuga with plans to dock there.

Yar! A man known as Blackbeard has been found saailing around the general area of of Eleuthera! Valuable information surely!

With a heavy heart and a crew with impossibly high standards, though with no regrets, I divided our gold and let them go. The only ones who refused to leave were the original fifteen who had stayed with me this long. Commander Dini allowed me to stay upon his ship for the next eight months while awaiting signs of Baron Raymondo.

Eight months passed.

[Oh bugger. Just bloody great. Well, we're Dutchmen by choice and Frenchmen by vote, so I guess the best we can do is ignore both.]

Luckily, we once again found Baron Raymondo!

Our crew of 40 was more than enough to finally put an end to his treachery! I was finally going to find out where my lost sister was and continue upon the quest of which I became a pirate for!

At least, that's what I thought.

At least the rewards were worth it. A surgeon to keep the crew healthy would be of great use!

And 3,000 in gold bullion was already bringing me back to the riches the crew once had!

Why, even the ship was worth a surprising amount of money! Hoh hoh, we were in the business of piracy and this new crew was great!

Raymondo! That dirty, lying, son of a gun! He had more information concerning my sister after all!

[And thus is one of the game's "Screw you" moments; Raymondo. Again and again. Also, the completely mud-covered monk is a result of the mod. Some textures were screwed up, but hey, they look like mudmen now so it's worth it, I guess.]

Captain's Log

Captain's log was banished to the depths along with the first Flying Dutchman. Still haven't gotten a new book to record things in.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by 4-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles. It'll take you 5 years to collect a single piece, but who cares?

Arr! Things are getting mighty annoying, they are! What do I do now?

1. Search out Roc's treasure
2. Search out Raymondo again
3. Search out Blackbeard
4. Bomb San Juan again for no reason

Singing contest is still open. I feel that if I don't mention this, someone will complain about not knowing about it. Eh. Check update 7 for details.