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Part 3: Bad Reasoning

The culprit is...
Leader of Kurogami, Shizuma.
*Explain about the orders of the first three deaths*
What about Take? If she died after Obaba, then everyone would have an alibi.
Thaaaat~ I am not sure, it's just a small detail.
But why would it be Shizuma?
Let me continue.
Recall the time where Yoshiko was murdered.
... What I am about to say next is pure intuition. Since it seems impossible for the culprit to kill anyone, then the only person that can avoid detection with a perfect crime would be the leader of Kurogami.
Hey, hey...
Now, begin time tuning!

Sigma! I think you did it wrong! Look at how blurry everything is becoming!
I can't heard you over my INTUITION!

Doing a little better in reasoning and Sigma will be able to pin it to Rin's mother, Yuzuriha Fuyou, with the same intuition argument.

That's all the possible results that I can find in the reasoning. The third board won't open up unless I investigate the Yuu erasing event.