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Part 15: Optional Krill Insight.

I REALLY hope we're getting frequent flier miles.

That tiny yellow room in the lower right is where we need to go but all that yellow mass in the upper left is too tempting to not explore.

One of the minibosses of the yellow areas, it's like that worm on the Forest Planet in the last update, just stronger. Dies easily if you sit on the left side, unless you get a large ship in which pray to outlive it because there's no safe spot. Drops 2000 EXP.

Blah blah, we can go here now.

Surprisingly, the enemies in the yellow areas are mostly the standard fire planet enemy fare. We were killing these things back in Chapter 2.

This island serves no purpose at all other than that statue. It's so strange because it's blocked by a spike thing.

The challenge in the battles here mostly comes from the terrain, especially if you're in a large fighter.

Gun Data in caves that aren't just a tiny room are becoming common now, especially ones you need to fly for. This one is the Impact Data, Bomb Steal. Drops a Bomb pickup on every 30th impact which makes it fairly useful.

We saw this Gun Data all the way back in Part 5 but it was across the way. It's the reward for going all through that yellow area.

This is the Bullet Data, Super Power Shot. It adds +5 to your DMG and is a moderately sized bullet. Not as big as Heavy Shot but the DMG increase is pretty handy. We'll be using this from now on.

Super Power Shot in action.

Crab Turtle: Dead in 5 hits.

Amoeba Car: Dead in 5 hits.

Finally we make our way to the small yellow area. You need Girl Wings to fly across this pit in a cave to reach the room.

This looks like the probe we need.

: Psyme, come in!
: Go ahead.
: I found the first probe. I hope changing the transmission frequency does the job.
: We won't know till you find the next probe. Get out of there and haul your tail to the next planet.

That Gun Data looks about as sick as the image on the Weapon Select. Ingest is supposed to drop bombs at the cost of random ship engine malfunctions. I never saw it drop one in the time I tested it so I'm declaring it useless. It's not good to randomly be able to not move anyway.

With nothing else to do here, we head to the Ice Planet. Interestingly, Nomak's crew all have different dialogue now, most of which are interesting and strange. They give a little bit of insight into the Krill.

For some reason this is a little cute to me. Well, as cute as a symbiotic-parasitic relationship can be... Gives the parasite a sense of being a pet in this case.

I'm assuming Recker is at least 25, so to be "very young" does make me wonder how long a Krill year actually is. Makes it seem like they either live a really long time in Earth years, or a Krill year is much shorter than an Earth year.

My best guess is that RyP is someone on the WayForward staff and this is a little easter egg of sorts to him.

Analogous to showering with clothes I guess. I wonder, do you have to wash Krill parasites? I can't imagine they're too clean after wearing them for a long time...

The only place left to visit is the orange room.

Flying across the broken bridge here gets us where we need to go.

This is the Bullet Data, Super Wave Shot. It's like Wave shot but the wave has a larger amplitude.

Second Probe.

: Psyme! This is it! Looks like it's linking to the first one.
: Great. I bet all this running around is good for your glutes.
: You should try it. Two planets in one day.
: Well this is a triathlon. You have one planet to go. Good luck.

There's another broken bridge leading to a cave.

Inside, buried, is the Impact Data, Revenge. It does the same thing as Ingest but makes your cannons malfunction instead. Again, useless.

With nothing else to do but move two rooms back to the starbase, I decided to randomly test out Gun Data I've previously not used or written off.

Twin Nodes + Steer Shot. I tried this thinking it might be effective, turned out it wasn't. Using Free Aim Cannon + Steer Shot was better since all the shots went straight forwards at a rapid pace and movement up and down bent the bullets like a wave.

Double Node Orbit + Super Wave Shot. I tried this with the sole purpose of trying to fill the screen with bullets. Turned out to not be very effective since the bullets went everywhere and I had no way to control their location. Took a lot longer than it should have to kill this boss.

Max Spread Cannon + Seeker Missile. Since Seeker Missile turns the cannon rate of fire down to the lowest setting, every cannon fires the same. Might as well use the one that puts out the most missile then! This turned out to be pretty effective, but likely only because the enemies here are weak compared to the ones on the Sand Planet or the upcoming fifth planet.

Triple Cannon + Bounce Shot. This was much more effective at filling the screen with bullets. Bouncy bullets went flying all over the place, killing things all over the screen. Pretty silly to use and surprisingly effective overall.

Twin Nodes + Charge Shot. Probably should have done this with Max Spread Cannon again since the rate of fire to fire a charge shot goes to zero. Charge the bullet to purple and release for 10x damage. Effective, but really no good for what I'll be facing soon. You can still fire normally without charge but you have to mash the fire button to do it, since holding down charges the bullet.

Next time, we find the third probe.


Current Weapon Data:

: 3 - Triple Cannon. Fires shots in a forward spread.
: 19 - Super Power Shot. Adds +5 DMG to your current power.
: 10 - Fork. Shots fork forwards.