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Part 16: Sand in the Eyes, Probes in the...Caves

We return to the Sand Planet yet again. Thank god Recker doesn't need to sleep or the jet lag would be killer.

That giant orange room is our destination. Somewhere in it is the probe we're searching for.

These things are everywhere, always blocking small passages.

I miss having the Heavy Shot's hit area, not having it makes killing these these harder.

Now we're heading in a new direction.

Girl Wings allow us to continue onwards towards our destination.

These things are just becoming an annoyance.

VIDEO: Sand Planet Random Battle

Of course, I manage to screenshot at the same time as it flashes for damage. Anyways, this is the same worm miniboss from the Fire Planet, right down to the amount of EXP it drops. Same everything applies.

This cave holds the Impact Data, Totem. It makes a chunk of rock appear where impact was, fall to the ground and explode. Sounds good in theory but upon trying it out, it turns out making a second totem spawn makes the first one disappear without doing anything. So to use it, you have to let the totem fall to the ground and explode before firing another shot. thanks.

Quite a few caves here, luckily, it's all a one-way path.

This one's easy to find, just walk out of the cave and there it is. It's the Cannon Data, Angel Cannon. It's well, it's a weird shape.

Turns out it's totally ineffective. When I get new Cannon or Bullet Data I switch to it to try and show what they look like in the screenshot. I forgot to revert back to Triple Cannon and had to do a fight with the Angel Cannon. I couldn't kill anything, instead having to rely on bombs to get me out of it. Useless because you can't hit anything important.

The probe is actually in a cave. How it got in there I'm not honestly sure since they're supposed to have landed on the planet from space...

: Ok, the last one is activated and seems to be linked to the other two. Now how do I read this thing?
: We're talking about a resonating pulse. It will be audio, so I can decode it from here.
: Are you picking up anything?
: Yes, but the signal is only strong enough to get a locale of one planet. But something's wrong. It's been removed from the star charts as a condemned world. A Forgotten Planet.
: That's weird. So no way to ID the last planet?
: Unfortunately no.
: Well, one is better than nothing.
: It may be worse than nothing. There is no starbase there.
: We'll need to pull a favor then.
: How?
: Who do we have dirt on? Besides Blune?
: Well, there's Commander Zelly on Starbase 2. But she wouldn't help. She hates us.
: She hates you. I'm her loyal servant who executed Blune, remember? Man, looking back I almost wish I had.
: Don't say that. Blune may be a screw up, but at least he thinks he's doing what's right for the people. At least he's not a back stabber.
: Charming as ever. Anyway, I think Zelly is our best shot.
: Then I'll have to stay here. Try not to tick her off.
: Then I'm off to Starbase 2.

Hoo boy. Back to Zelly. Wonder how she's doing? Wonder if she's killed her crew again...

Big plant! It's not hard to defeat and drops 400 EXP, plus it's not a miniboss.

I have no clue why this is here because I can get to the other side by simply walking around a little.

Another useless Cannon Data, Sweeper is found in this cave. It's like the one that moves vertically, but it moves horizontally. Meaning there's no spread, there's no range, or multiple directions or anything. It's the normal cannon that oscillates left and right.

This area really ramps up the amount of enemies. I killed all three of those enemies a second later, no damage taken.

Boy, SOMETHING has the be over there.

Here's that worm miniboss again, but this time I'm the Heavy Fighter. Being this size, I am literally not safe anywhere. This quickly turns into a war of attrition and you have to hope you'll be lucky enough to survive.

Cave guarded by robots? Bet there's a Gun Data in there. This is the Impact Data, Curse. It drains your health every shot but restores you to full when you beat the level. Again, useless, especially in boss missions.

Luckily, there's a shortcut back to the earlier areas by taking a really big jump.

Nothing else to see here, so we're off to Starbase 2 again to see Zelly about that favor. Hope it goes well.

Join me next time as we kill some Krill and wrap up Chapter 4.


Current Weapon Data:

: 3 - Triple Cannon. Fires shots in a forward spread.
: 19 - Super Power Shot. Adds +5 DMG to your current power.
: 10 - Fork. Shots fork forwards.