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Part 19: Triple the Trouble.

We're now arriving at Starbase 5, thanks for flying Krill Airlines.

: Commander? Me?
: Absolutely! Just name it!
: How 'bout my own personal fighter?
: Any fighter in the fleet.
: No kidding! Hey, I know just the one!
: A collector, eh? I will have it delivered at once Sir.
: Man, this is incredible!!

The crew here is pretty large but they all repeat the same three lines. Paraphrasing, "The station is ready Commander" "Congratulations on your promotion" "I did not know you were from offworld".

Couple of Gun Data on the Starbase. This is the Cannon Data, Node Control Cannon. You switch control between moving your ship and moving the node. I guess it could be useful but it's definitely a tricky one to use effectively.

And here's the Bullet Data, Bubble Shot. It's a slowly rising shot. Passing thought, I wonder what would happen if you combine it with the Sprinkler Cannon? *tests* Hmm, not very useful, it's very slow firing. Never mind.

Oh that would be great.

Before Recker can do that though, three small floating Krill warp into the room.

: Hee hee hee!
: Who are they?
: Recker, these are my little sisters! Watch it, they're trouble.
: Good grief.
: It is our pleasure Mister Recker.
: You three look pretty young. Are you here to visit Psyme?
: Visit? No. We do not visit! We are here to serve you, not visit her. She is not ready to serve a commander. She is bad!
: They outrank me. Can you believe it?
: You mean, all three of them?
: Lolly, Folly, and Sliss are Tri-Oplets.
: Triplets?
: Like triplets, but with a single consciousness. Tri-Oplets are considered by Krill to be a single entity.
: Weird.
: You can say that again. Bug off girls.
: No, wait! Maybe they can help. What do you girls know about this Forgotten Planet?
: It is haunted!
: Hee hee!
: Ghost and specters!
: What proof is there of that?
: We feel the ghost and the ghost feels us back. Ghost is cold. Ghost is angry!
: I'm going to the surface to check it out.
: I've already been to the zombie scene. I'm sitting this one out.
: Psyme stays too! Out turn with big brother. Big brother goes with us!
: Looks like they have a crush on you. Better watch your step.
: The feeling is hardly mutual.
: Ghost calls Lolly. Makes me warm and sleepy!
Lolly warps away.
: Specter begs to see Folly. Have to go.
Folly warps away.
: The legion whispers to Sliss. Angry words, get noisy!
Sliss warps away.
: Now don't tell me THAT'S normal.
: Who knows with them. Guess it's your turn to baby sit.
: They are really creepy. Will you be OK?
: I don't believe in ghosts.
: I'll scatter the ships just in case.

Before I disembark, I'm changing up my weapon data slightly. I added the Duo Counter in the Impact slot for a couple of reasons. First, the Forgotten Planet has a bug in its battles where killing a specific enemy as the last enemy (I'm not sure which one) causes the battle to go into an unwinnable state, because it simply won't count down right. The Duo Counter avoids this by counting by two, making the glitch not activate. The second reason is that the enemies here are rather unpleasant and the less time I have to spend fighting them, the better. Yes, they drop high amounts of EXP, but it's not worth it to stick around when things can and will kill you quickly. So Duo Counter cuts battles in half.

Pretty gloomy landscape.

I think this is the enemy that causes the glitch but I really have no clue. The only way to defeat it is to destroy the white thing under it, killing both at the same time.

Our ultimate goal is to go to that room up top with the dot it in but we have to find the Sisters first.

Such cheery land. And floating ghost tombstones.

This miniboss is infamous. It's the most dangerous one in the game, dealing massive amounts of damage if you're not careful. If you shoot it about 10 times, it will spit out three sets of bullets in a circular array. They hurt quite a bit and in a large ship are very tough to avoid.

The only way to deal with it is to let it pass you, then open fire with everything you have as it moves back to the right. If you touch it, be prepared to lose ~1/3-1/2 your health, even at level 60.

In larger ships, crashing into the wall to get invincibility time when he's close by is a totally viable strategy because you'll take less damage from the wall than if you hit him. After a war of attrition, he'll finally go down, dropping about 2400-2600 EXP. Worst part is that he's the only miniboss and appears fairly often as you run around the surface.

These things are pretty standard enemy fare, a couple shots does them in.

The Forgotten Planet is not friendly to big ships. It is literally impossible to fit the larger ones in some of the battle stages.

Underground we find the Bullet Data, Bomb. It drops bombs like the Bomber but in whatever cannon pattern you have equipped. Yup, not using it.

These wisps move pretty fast but aren't that strong.

Finally found one of them.
: Lolly senses FEAR. Lolly can not hear sisters. Get Folly. Get Sliss.
: You want me to get your sisters?
: Go. Find.
Lolly warps away again.

That makes two!
: Folly senses STRENGTH. Can hear Lolly but no Sliss. Find Sliss for Folly!
: You want me to find the third sister huh?
: Go. Find.
Folly warps away again.

Another underground one, this is the Bullet Data, Ricochet Shot. It's like the Bounce Shot, just without the parabolic bounces, instead bouncing in straight lines.

Fly over a hole in a cave to find the Cannon Data, Locked Movement Cannon. There's really no reason to use this if you have Free Aim Cannon, since I'm pretty sure Aim does what this does and more. Basically, (I think, I've never used it) it locks your movement in place in favor of you aiming your weapon.

To be honest, the Forgotten Planet is pretty dull. There is a random reappearance by that eyeball tree from the Forest Planet for some reason though...

It was about this time I got to the dot on the map and realized i had missed talking to Sliss. So I had to run all the way back to the beginning of the area to talk to her. I swear, I must have missed the trigger by a couple pixels.

And that makes three.
: Sliss senses LIFE. Sisters can talk again. Mind clear now.
: Fear, Strength, and Life. What does it mean?
: Feelings of planet. Loud. Loudest at NEXUS.
: The planet is talking to you? Is the nexus the planet's voice?
: Nexus. Go. Find.
: But I've already been everywhere!
: Nexus quiet before. Loud now.
: Sigh... Guess I'll retrace my steps.
Sliss warps away again.

NOW I can go back to the dot, which happens to be that Nexus thing.

: Yes, very loud!
: I don't hear anything.
: Loud! Too loud!! Hurting!

The screen fades out a couple times, begins shaking and then:

Join me next time for Chapter 5's Boss Mission and plot development.


Current Weapon Data:

: 19 - Free Aim Cannon. Auto fires. Control switches between ship and cannon.
: 19 - Super Power Shot. Adds +5 DMG to your current power.
: 18 - Duo Counter. On impact, each enemy counts as 2.