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Part 20: Revelations and Running

Last time a mysterious mission circle appeared at the nexus of the Forgotten Planet.

Before stepping into it, I changed my Impact Data to Super Vampire because it's easy to take a lot of damage in this boss mission.

VIDEO: Chapter 5 Boss Mission

The mission is actually easier than the random battles for the most part, it's just one part coming up later that makes it dangerous.

Enemies are few and far between and it's really easy to kill most of them in the first part. Making a level up is easy too.

This is where it gets tricky.

It's at this point that the level speeds up like crazy. Killing enemies is a luxury, focusing on where you're moving, a necessity. Unfortunately, pictures were difficult to take mid-flight due to me not wanting to loose my focus and crash into the walls more than I already was so I highly recommend watching the video to see what's it's like.

Eventually it slows down to a halt and the boss appears.

The boss is a spectre that summons floating rocks. It also has two forms and can only be damaged by hitting its eye, which has a very small hitbox.

The first phase of the fight lasts a very short amount of time and it's very possible to pass it without taking any damage.

In the second form, the boss gets angry and the floating rocks will fly at you from the background.

It will move around the stage slowly, rocks always appearing where you are/where you are going.

The rocks are really the only thing to watch out for though, as this boss cannot damage you directly, meaning you can get right next to its eye when firing.

Finally it goes down (it has a high amount of health) and drops 8000+ EXP. Stage ends and we're returned to the nexus, where Psyme walks in.

The sisters warp in, the screen shakes and fades to white and then:

: My name is Recker, from Earth.
???: A n d T h e s e?
: We're Krill. Who or what are you things?
???: I O T
: Talk faster!

: Well I've never heard of you.
: You dabble in chaos and feed on cataclysm! You pursue death and ruin with eager hearts!
: What are you talking about?
: Murder is your contest, torment is your prize! Earth Man! Do your people seek to regain what was lost? Krill Woman! Do your people seek to spill their own blood?
: I don't understand.
: The Sleeping Flesh! You seek it for your masters! But fools be he who would wake it!
: Sleeping Flesh? Is that the name of the alien matter?
: Is it a living thing that makes the planets tremble together? Are they communicating somehow? Is it music?
: It is a slumbering child that will awaken in fury! Seven of them we made! We foolish fathers of Iot! We planted seeds of death and destruction! A terrible harvest was wrought and like fools we fell in agony!
: You created the Living Flesh?
: Yes! Horrible weapons! Instruments of death. Small and unformed! Worlds varied we chose in which to parent them. Unique would be their attributes! Seven children! Seven chances at perfection!
: So basically you knocked up some planets to make a super baby?
: Wait, seven?! We thought there were six!
: The seventh child, the first to awaken! Like savage birds, the Krill came upon its ocean nest! They stripped it from its mother. In anger it awoke! Here they released it upon us. It ended this world where you now stand. And then its life ran dry.
: So the Krill used your weapon against you? Serves you right!
*The screen shakes here before continuing*
: Iot. This water planet they stole the Living Flesh from? What was its name?
: E a r t h .

*The screen shakes again*
: Devils! The monsters butchered our planet to destroy another!!
*The screen shakes once more, longer this time*
: No crime goes unpunished man of Earth. One planet as of yet remains. No mercy will be given to those who destroy life.
: The Krill Homeworld!! That's the sixth planet! Tell me I'm right!!
: Soon the Sleeping Flesh will awaken. In its footsteps will be calamity. Then we will sleep. Our retribution will be complete.
: You can't allow this! Sure they're Krill, but you'll be wiping out billions of innocent people! Tell me how to stop it!!
: It can not be stopped.
: Your people ruined my world! At least give me a chance!!
*Screen shakes again, longer yet*
: We will never forgive the Krill.
: He's not asking you to forget what happened! We just want to stop the Krill Overlord from controlling this weapon!
: If we don't do something, it will all happen again! Is that what you want?
: Perhaps... You deserve a chance.
*Screen fades white*

: What is this?
: An essential mechanism used in life by the IOT. In times of need it may aid you. Nothing more can I do. You must go. The child stirs. Soon all will end.
: You heard him, let's get out of here!
*All three sisters warp away*
: Where are your sisters going?
: Who cares?! Let's get out of here!
: It's only a matter of time before these tremors reach lethal proportions! Hurry!

This will not end well!

The Warp Tool allows us to turn into a blob and get under these fences. It's used for this fence, one other in this escape and the rest are all for Gun Data. Then again, do you really expect a lot of use out of an item you get in the late-game that has such limited usage?

Battles still go on even though the timer is counting down to our doom.

I really shouldn't be going this way, but there's a Gun Data here!

This cave has the Impact Data, Pass-Through. Your bullets will now pass through enemies like the Plasma Beam in 2D Metroids. I'll be using it once I get off the Forgotten Planet because I still need my Duo Counter.

No time to save especially since the time counts down while using it!

There's actually 4 pieces of Gun Data during this escape. You can return for them after the escape but I wanted to get them all since it's a while before you're allowed back, plus if I got them all I wouldn't have to come back to the planet ever again.

So yeah, the Cannon Data, Double Patrol Node. Can definitely see someone finding a use for this but personally I'm waiting for something else.

Recker's a ghost! Actually I'm in my invincibility frames. This ladder is freaking hard to see with this ghostly overlay.

Another cave, another buried Gun Data. This is the Cannon Data, Mirror Node. You get a Helper Node that Mirrors all your movements. More of a novelty than anything, its uses would be few and far between.

Thought you'd sneak up on me from behind did you! Good thing Free Aim can fire backwards!

Blah blah cave, Impact Data, Trio Counter. Hey, if it makes my battles here shorter, I'll use it!

Unfortunately, my zeal for Gun Data and the prospect of never returning to the planet was my undoing.


Oh no...

... And the starbase hatch was 3 seconds away at max.


Join me next time as we return home to Earth. Until then, I'll work on actually succeeding at the escape sequence.


Current Weapon Data:

: 19 - Free Aim Cannon. Auto fires. Control switches between ship and cannon.
: 19 - Super Power Shot. Adds +5 DMG to your current power.
: 19 - Trio Counter. On impact, each enemy counts as 3.