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Part 23: The Universe Can Wait a Couple Hours, OCD is Kicking In.

Time for the obligatory endgame collection wrap-up. Thankfully, if you've been getting most of the Gun Data as you go, there's really not much left to get. I've only got 5 left to find, plus one on the Krill Planet.

First stop: Forest Planet.

With our shiny new Warp Tool we can now get the Impact Data, Quad Counter. Just in case you didn't think battles could be ended any faster.

So it turns out way back at the beginning of the game I forgot to jump off this ledge, assuming that it just dropped you back down to the bottom of the room like the other ledges here did. Well I was wrong and there's a cave with an earlygame Gun Data in it. The Bullet Data, Normal Shot would have been useful for about two screens until I got the Double Shot. It makes the bullet fly all the way across the screen. Turns out the basic bullet only goes ~3/4 the way across the screen. Oh well.

Next stop: The Fire Planet.

Strangely, there are female techs on the station again, though you can't talk to any of them.

Zelly is unsurprisingly absent, which makes me even more confused as to why there are techs here.

In a cave to the west we can find a place to use the Warp Tool. There are two Gun Data in here and an exit that puts you out in the south part of the planet.

Talk about a 360 in terms of usefulness, especially after I named Sweeper totally useless. The Cannon Data, Double Sweeper is one of my new favorites. It's probably not as useful as the Free Aim Cannon, or others like it, but I really like using it nonetheless. It has great rate of fire and the sweepers spray bullets all over the place.

Also in the cave is another immensely useful Gun Data, the Impact Data, Air Quake. Every 20th hit, every enemy on screen takes damage. For weaker enemies, this outright kills them like a Bomb would, for stronger ones, it lowers their health to make finishing them off easier.

It's hard to show because bullets fly pretty fast but the spread of the Sweeper looks a bit random at times simply because the nodes move back and forth, and each one fires at the same time. Mash the button and you've got pairs of bullets each traveling different horizontal planes, making it hard for enemies to avoid whatever you're throwing at them. I'll be using this one for the rest of the game so you can see what I mean in the final boss video I'll be doing.

Detour: The Sand Planet.

I thought we might get through this update with no text at all but I was wrong. However, there's no transcription required on my part so I'm all happy. There are two soldiers now inhabiting Starbase 4. Like that guy asking about RyP on Starbase 3, I think these guys are developer injokes.

Speaking of RyP...

What we came for is again behind a Warp Tool barricade.

For being an endgame Cannon Data, Rapid Cannon is not very useful at all. A number of other cannons can fire as fast or faster than it can and usually come with added functionality. If it were obtainable earlier, like in the beginning of the game, it might have been useful but as it is, not at all.

Last Stop: The Krill Planet.

I'm Level 59 now, 64 ATK, 59 DEF.

Now that the universe has waited patiently for me, it's time to find our love interest and save her.

Join me next time as we beat the game.


Current Weapon Data:

: 25 - Double Sweeper. 2 Helper Nodes move horizontally at varying ranges.
: 19 - Super Power Shot. Adds +5 DMG to your current power.
: 23 - Air Quake. On the 20th impact, a quake damages all enemies.