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Part 22: 6th Starbase: Anger, Soap, Throwing Knives.

: Tell us how you did it. Need I remind you we have direct control over your body? Talk, you!!
: Forget it. He won't talk. Shut him down so we can go.

Uh oh!

: Huh?

*KABOOM!* Grenade explodes, leaving dead soldiers but no harm to Recker.

Haha I just noticed that guy in the top right looks like he's doing a silly dance.

Recker's portrait has returned to its original look since he's not wearing his parasite.
: We're getting out of here. There's still time.
: To do what?
: Psyme's still out there somewhere. And I'll bet she's in trouble.
: That doesn't concern us anymore.
: [Bullshit], you can't hide it from me. You love her.
: ...
Obviously that's not exactly how that dialog goes but it's essentially what's being said.
: I know when I'm beaten. I'll stay out of the way. I just want one thing... For my troubles... ...

: ... She'll never trust me again. Not now.
: It was misplaced trust before. Now you can start earning the real thing.
: She would probably still be at Starbase 5.
: 'Atta boy. Grab your bug hat and let's go.
: Oh yeah. Guess I'll use it one last time.

Feels good man.

Earth actually has its own launching bay graphics, which is kind of cool.

Aye aye Commander.

A quick trip to the Commander's Office reveals that the base is deserted.

Funny, we were in ruins earlier and they were anything but.

: According to this data, the tremors on the Forgotten Planet have backed off a bit. It should be safe to explore.
Good thing we took care of all that last time.
: Psyme wouldn't be there. She's probably gone to warn the Krill Overlord not to wake the Sleeping Flesh.
: Sure enough. A shuttle left for Starbase 6 in orbit over the Krill Homeworld. We can follow her trail easily. I'll send the data to the Nav Room.
: Once we reach Starbase 6 the Krill will be all over us. I want you to stay in the shuttle, understood?
: No problem. I'm not stepping foot in that place.

The last planet.

It's quite purple.

Fitting then, that the inside is purple and red. Also, this place is filled with at least 20 Krill Soldiers that you must kill to advance.

Also, someone decided it was a good idea to fill a room with Hen'nks.

There's FIVE pieces of Gun Data on this starbase. The first is the Cannon Data, Triple Node Orbit. Three orbiting nodes, but the orbit radius is huge, making bullets fly everywhere. Not as useful as you might think.

Tucked in a corner is the Impact Data, Wave Crash. It makes your bullets move in a wave pattern upon impact.

Invisible Recker! Nope, just taking damage. Throwing knife soldier returns to clog stairwells with flying knives.

Buried here is the Bullet Data, Max Wave Shot. It takes the wave pattern from the previous two and makes the wave huge, vertically.

I took this shot with different intent but looking at it now I can't remember what it was. I'm too busy thinking that Recker looks like he's about to pounce and tear the face off the guy behind him.

Buried data in the bedrooms, this is the Bullet Data, Mines. It places mines in whatever cannon arrangement you have. Never tried it but on a whim I bet it's most effective with Mirror Node or Node Control Cannon.

Oh god, Recker's fallen and can't get up. Who would put this creature in a bedroom!?

Yet another bedroom with Gun Data. This is the Impact Data, Super Shield. It makes you invulnerable on the 30th hit just like Shield does, but this lasts longer.

How do people traverse these? Does everyone have Girl Wings? What about the female Krill?

Turns out I missed a couple guys on a stairwell since there are two stairwells leading the same place, both with dudes to kill on them. I went back and found them, then the door to the Commander's Office opened.

: YOU!!!
: Give me a chance to explain!
: How dare you keep this up! You keep lying to me, even to the end! It's my own fault you know. I never should've let my guard down! I was so stupid! And gullible! But not now!! Now I know who you are and I'm going to finish you off!
: Psyme, I'm so sorry you had to learn the truth over the comm line! Tierney must have told Blune everything... I honestly thought I could reason with him and settle things peacefully!
: But when he showed resistance you did what you Sigma pulots are trained to do. Same as you did to me back on Earth!
I like to imagine that Psyme at this point is frothing angry, spittle flying as she screams at Recker.
: Yes! I shot you down! That's my nob! Defending Earth from invaders!
: I was demoted because of you! Scorned and humiliated!! And then I listened to you! And your foul sob stories... Even KISSED you! I'll never forgive you for it!!
Hey, you came onto me first!
: What about me!? You burned my teammates out of the sky! How does that feel?! All I've known is pain and hatred since that day!! And now, I can tell you to your face!
: So let's cut the chit chat and fight!
Krill Fighters at dawn!
: No!!
: Tell me why not!
: Because now I know the truth! I don't hate you and I never did! We were pit against each other by evil men. They don't care about us or the good of out planets! All they want is the power to control us! And by fighting for them you're giving them more of that power!
: I don't know how you do it. All I wanted was a fair fight, but now you've gone soft and ruined it, just like everything else. Ha ha... You know... I would have walked away from everything if you'd only had the courage to ask me.
: ...
: What I felt for you was real.
: Psyme...
: But for you it was all a game. Don't follow me again.

I'm sure you all know what's coming but, Psyme warps away. I wish we could warp away to places other than ships.

Speaking of warping, how do you people always appear right behind me?
: Was Psyme here?
: ... She's gone.
: We can't stay. Not in orbit over the Krill Homeworld while that monstrous thing wakes up. We've got to get away.
: ... I can't leave her. ... Not again. ... Will the ships on this starbase still link with my parasite?
: You're asking me?
: ... ... ... I'm going to the surface. I'm gonna get her back. She's all that matters to me now.
Paid by the ellipsis, I'm certain of it.
: Ok, but hurry! I don't want to be anywhere near here when that planet blows!

Wait, how the hell did SCARLET get over these gaps???

Questions aside, we can now land the starbase and explore the Krill homeworld.

But that's not what we're doing.

Join me next time as we get all the remaining Gun Data (with the exception of what's on the Krill Planet).


Current Weapon Data:

: 19 - Free Aim Cannon. Auto fires. Control switches between ship and cannon.
: 19 - Super Power Shot. Adds +5 DMG to your current power.
: 8 - Pass-Through. Bullets continue on to next target.