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Part 17: Antipedia - Introduction

Antipedia: Introduction

There's a section called "Ant Information" where the educational part of the game kicks in. I mean, since we're playing as an ant, it's not a bad idea to find out more about what we are.

After all, the realism just makes everything more horrifying.

Today, I'll do the Introduction. Each section has a neat picture accompanying a bunch of text. I'll transcribe all the text that goes with each picture. Enjoy.

SimAnt is based on real ants. Knowing about real ants will improve your game play. Ants live in social groups called colonies. They can't live without their colony, and will give up their lives to protect it. Each colony has a Queen. If the queen dies, the colony dies.

Ants are insects. They are the most numerous insects in the world. Like all insects, they have six legs, and their bodies are divided into three parts: head, thorax, and abdomen.

The ant's head has a mouth, two antennae, two kinds of eyes, and a brain. Ants' brains are very small, but they're smart for insects. They can remember pathways to food even after months of hibernation.

Ants have two big eyes that are made of many tiny segments. These eyes are good for seeing movement. Most ants also have smalled eyes that see light and dark. Ants use their jaws (called mandibles) to dig holes, carry things and fight. Ants smell with their feelers.

The middle part of the ant is the thorax. All six legs connect to the thorax. The end of each leg has a foot with two hooked claws that let ants walk up wallks or even across ceilings. Near the foot is a hook that the ant uses to comb and clean itself.

The rear of the ant, the abdomen, is where food is digested. Ants have two stomachs: one for their own food and one to hold food to share with other ants.

That's all for today, kids! Next time, we'll take a look into Ant Life.