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Part 21: Antipedia - SimAnt Strategy

Antipedia - SimAnt Strategy

The final section of Antipedia is a bit different, as instead of teaching you about ants, it teaches you how to dominate the shit out of the game. So this is really more like GameFAQsipedia.

The way to win SimAnt is to carefully manage your ants and their food. The more food you gather, the less the red ants get, and the faster your colony grows. Move the Yellow Ant to food, recruit help, then release the ants. As soon as more food appears, move the Yellow Ant there and recruit more help. To get the most out of your ants, at first produce mostly workers. Produce soldiers once your colony is well established with a good food supply. Don't produce Breeders until you need them.

To win the Full Game, you must take over the whole yard and house, so you need to make a number of different nests. To do this, you'll need Breeders (winged ants). Wait until you have about 80 workers and soldiers, then set the Caste Control Panel to all Breeders. As soon as there are 20 Breeders, they will go on their mating flight. After the flight, be sure to reset the Caste Control.

The goal of the Scenario Game is to vanquish the red ants in eight different situations. These scenarios are won by doing battle, so you want to start producing soldiers fairly soon. Unlike the Full Game, the Scenario game has no need for Breeders, so don't waste your energy on them.

After you play SimAnt, go outside and find some real ants. It won't be hard: ants are everywhere. Watch them as they forage for food and take it back to their nest, walk in paths, follow scent trails, face each other, and share food. What can you notice about real ants that's like SimAnt? What's different?

WARNING: Ants aren't good pets. They don't like to be petted. They don't chase away burglars. They don't fetch or play games. And your Mom will get mad if you bring them into the house.

That's it for Antipedia! I hope this has been an educational experience for you!

If you would like to learn more about ants, head over to your local library and look them up on Wikipedia! Or watch a documentary from such educational services like Youtube! Or simply read the thread, where many goons have already posted all sorts of fantastic information concerning ants. Or go to AOL keyword: ants. The important thing is that you're learning something on the information super highway, which makes you a better person than your friend who knows nothing about ants.