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Part 9

Part 09 - Super Megalopolis


And now the moment you've all been waiting for, the approach and eclipse of 600,000 people. I wasn't aware of this for many years, but you get a special message if you ever make it to 600,000 in the game - and it took a day or two to get my city built just right in order to reach this goal. Namely, I redid the entire southern portion and eastern island, moved the airport and seaport, and improved the ratio of industrial to residential zones. I also did some zone stacking for the nuclear power plants in the upper left hand corner - and considering the manual mentioned this, I felt it was reasonable. I also cover the hidden debug mode, and I show you what that does. Yatta!

Yes I realize it's a silly introduction, but I'm excited as I've never gotten 600,000+ on map 61 before.