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by valkhorn

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Original Thread: Let's Play SimCity for the SNES



Released in 1991 for the SNES by Maxis

In Simcity, you have the ability to create an entire city from the ground up. You select where you want to build your city through the available land forms, and with a modest budget create a tiny hamlet or a thriving metropolis.

Although the choices of what you can build are limited (after all, this is a SNES game), you still have choices to make. Will your city run on coal or nuclear power? Will your city be on an island or on a river? Will your city be filled with heavy industry, or peaceful parkland?

So much variety, but are there any goals?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is it depends on which part of the game you play. In this version of SimCity, there are three types of gameplay:

What are we going to play?
I feel it would be fun to play all of the game and not leave anything out. Plus, because there is a lot to cover in the game, the Tutorial Mode, while tedious, would give me an adequate chance to talk about the specifics of the game before we start free-styling our city.

Once the tutorial is completed, we will start a new city on an existing landform. I will try to reach 500,000 people as quickly as possible WITHOUT cheating. I may try to push it to 550,000 or more, but we'll see what I can accomplish.

Then, we'll see what happens once you complete all of the scenarios. Maybe there's a way we can get our population even higher?

Tutorial Mode:

New City Mode:


Bonus City:
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