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A local delicacy, native to Yamijima, made from seafood and mountain ingredients. Custom dictates that the ingredients remain untouched by cutlery, and that the dish be eaten under moonlight. The best version uses Yami Akebi, which induces intense feelings of euphoria lasting an entire evening. However, the next morning can be hell for unlucky diners.


August 9, 2003
Earthquake Directly Beneath Misumi County!
Elementary school girl miraculously survives!

...An elementary school girl was rescued from the remains of the village of Hanuda after spending three days trapped in the wreckage and landslide debris caused by the massive earthquake centered on Misumi County. She did not appear to have suffered life-threatening injuries. Rescue workers on the scene uniformly described it as "a miracle".
The girl was extracted by an elite group from the Japan Self Defense Force (Ground), assigned to the on-site relief mission.