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Original Thread: Where Dead Allies Return to Shoot You in the Face (SIREN 2)


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!

The story begins on the isolated island of Yamijima located a short distance from the shores of Japan. At midnight, on one fateful night 29 years ago, an underwater electric cable snaps, causing a total blackout on the island. The events of that ill-fated night result in the disappearance of the island's inhabitants, and to this day the horrifying incident remains shrouded in mystery.

We'll be playing as a dozen characters whose paths intersect over a two-day period on Yamijima, where something has gone terribly wrong. The stages play out totally out of order, but the date and time each one takes place is given at the beginning to help you make sense of it all. This time around, however, we can use the Link Navigator to select our missions right from the start.

If you've played SIREN (or Forbidden Siren, in the UK), then you know how this works. If you haven't, I suggest checking out the VLP via the "Links" section below. It is strongly recommended that those who haven't played either game check out the first VLP before following this one.

Other Information

-I'm translating this myself. Since I'm not a professional, there may be times when the English isn't 100% natural, so please ask if anything is unclear.

-Each stage will have a Primary Objective and a Secondary Objective in separate videos. The two are usually quite different (moreso than in the first game), and the Secondary ones are the story canon, so watching both is vital to understanding the events of the game.

-I'm sticking with the Japanese naming system for this. Family names come first.

-There will also be two separate video link menus- one which lists the stages chronologically, the other listing the same stages in play- (and update-) order. It is recommended that the stages be viewed in play order. The chronological list is mostly intended as a tool to help those following the thread make sense of the story.

-This is a Hard Mode playthrough. The Hard setting affects the strength, routes, placement and number of enemies, as well as the location (and existence) of some items. In many cases the strategy required to finish a mission differs drastically from those in the other difficulties. 100% completion on Hard will unlock some bonuses not available on the other settings.

-Finally, it's unlikely that updates will be as large or as frequent as they were for the first game. I'm aiming for one or two per week.

Cast of Characters
Yamijima Map

Table of Contents

By Tanyuu

The following sections contain SPOILERS and should only be viewed after finishing the main chapters.

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Yamibito Script
Timeline of Events
Chronological Play Menu
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