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Part 2


003 -03:50 Itsuki Mamoru - Primary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE
004 -02:24 Nagai Yorito --- Movie -- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE



A kind of instant noodles released by Midorikame Foods exclusively in the Shikai region. With an abundance of turtle jelly topping, the product claimed to have miraculous beauty-enhancing properties, evidenced by the slogan "Gain Ten Days Back with Every Bite!"
Turtle Jelly Ramen was prepared to go nation-wide, until a string of cases came to light in which frequent consumers muttered strange phrases, such as "I want to return to the sea," and subsequently disappeared. These incidents triggered a full recall and the near cancellation of the product. Due to huge losses, production was curtailed, the brand name was tarnished, and Midorikame was forced to reconsider national release.
However, even today there are many who continue to consider Turtle Jelly Ramen the "Ultimate Instant Noodle". Shortages of the product have resulted in violent competition among beauty-obsessed housewives for the remaining stock.
A television commercial featuring missing reporter Mihama Naoko in her modeling days continues to air in some areas.

Watch the commercial.

(NOTE: The name of the company - Midorikame - is a joke. While the kanji used is different, the pronunciation is the same as that of "green turtle".)


Packed with shocking trivia! The news magazine that drains your brain!
The Weekly Kasutori Issue 139
July 29, 2005

Special Feature: The Curse of Yamijima
Clearing up the mystery of the island: the disappearance of its inhabitants; the severed undersea cable; the mysterious vanishing of the Bright Wing; the existence of UMA on Yamijima.
A peak at the forbidden island known as the "Isle of Hate" inside!

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Onboard Radio JARC-S20

A wireless set for SDF-Ground aircraft. Used for both surface-to-air and air-to-air communications.