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August 9, 2003
Earthquake Directly Beneath Misumi County!
Elementary school girl miraculously survives!

...An elementary school girl was rescued from the remains of the village of Hanuda after spending three days trapped in the wreckage and landslide debris caused by the massive earthquake centered on Misumi County. She did not appear to have suffered life-threatening injuries. Rescue workers on the scene uniformly described it as "a miracle".
The girl was extracted by an elite group from the Japan Self Defense Force (Ground), assigned to the on-site relief mission.


July 28 (Thu.)
It has been a year since I awoke from my long slumber. This is the way I spend each day. Abe, the staff from the restaurant - all of them have accepted this me here. They are all so kind.
I hope that I can turn my back on the past and continue my life like this.

July 29 (Fri.)
Sometimes, I feel pain as if my body were being torn apart. It's at these times that my memory returns in bits and pieces. It truly is impossible for me to remain here. I feel that my mother hates that I am living this way.

July 30 (Sat.)
Abe hung up on Akiko. He really hates her, and he thinks I share too much with her, but I want Akiko always to be there for me. It must be happier to be in a deep sleep than to be awake.

July 31 (Sun.)
I feel vaguely uneasy. The other me


The news program that separates fact from fiction: News Paradox

Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo: Female murder victim found in apartment.



The National Times
August 1, 2005 (Showa 80)
Evening Edition
Woman Beaten to Death, Roommate Sought for Questioning

Around 4pm August 1st, Tagawa Ryuko (18), a waitress, was found dead in her Shinjuku apartment. The victim was apparently struck in the head repeatedly with a blunt object. The manager of the restaurant where she worked went to her apartment to check on Tagawa when she failed to appear for her shift. There he discovered the victim lying in a pool of blood, beaten unrecognizably, along with a suspicious man, prompting the manager to call the police. When officers tried to detain the man for questioning, he escaped custody.
The suspect has been identified as Abe Soji (24) ...[omission]... who had been sharing an apartment with the victim for the past year. Neighbors say that the two were often heard fighting, and that their argument the night before the incident had been particularly noisy.


Regional Radio News



A journalist's recording device.



Company: Advanced Science Research Inc.
Employee No. 00001044
Name: Itsuki Mamoru
Division: "Atlantis" Editorial Dept.

This certifies that the pictured individual is a genuine employee of said company.

In-depth special feature:
The division and multiplication of infinite space!
The mysteries of multiple worlds explained!

(NOTE: Atlantis was the name of the supernatural investigative tabloid found lying around in the first game.)


A pendulum and map of Japan used for dowsing. An "X" has been drawn on the map in red. The term "dowsing" refers to using a pendulum or L-shaped metal rod to find something.



Shikai Gazette
August 3, 1976 Evening Edition
Yamijima - Isle of the Lost
Undersea Cable Cut

At midnight August 2, the undersea cable supplying electric power to the isolated Yamijima island was cut, resulting in an island-wide power outage.
The following morning, a repair crew of Sanzu Electric Power arrived at the island only to find it totally deserted. The crew contacted the prefectural police whose later searches failed to discover a single inhabitant. The police have set up a special task force to investigate the mysterious disappearances of the island residents, and are also investigating whether
there might be a connection between the incident and the severed undersea cable.
A spokesperson for Sanzu Electric Power reported that the undersea cable rests at a maximum depth of 310 meters, a level that would require special equipment and a large number of trained personnel to cut the cable, indicating that the cable could not have been severed by artificial means.

(NOTE: We've seen the word "Sanzu" appear a couple of times - as a harbor and an electric company, for example - so a little background is in order. The two kanji for "sanzu" in this game are "three" and "bottom". However, replacing the second kanji with another also pronounced "zu" gives us the name of the mythical Sanzu River, from Buddhist tradition. (Fans of Shin Megami Tensei may notice the names of some creatures in the article.) Similar to the Styx in Greek mythology, the Sanzu is said to be the river the dead must cross to reach the underworld.)


Shikai Gazette
August 3, 1986 (Showa 61)
Morning Edition
Bright Wing Lost at Sea
Signal lost after mysterious communique

At about 4:40pm August 2nd, the Japan Coast Guard headquarters received a distress signal from the Kisho Ferry Co. passenger vessel Bright Wing. The last transmission was "Storm. Engulfed in waves. Running aground. The girl's..."
The Coast Guard began searching yesterday and continued through the night, so far without results.
Together with local authorities, JCG is continuing to conduct rescue searches, as well as investigating the circumstances around the incident.


(NOTE: Riko's sister, Eri, should be familiar to those who played the original game.)


A framed picture of Ohta Tsuneo and his only daughter, Tomoe.
The Ohta family is in charge of the fishing industry on Yamijima. The chief owns the boats, nets and other equipment, lending them out to the fishermen in his employ.


Help Find Kishida Yuri!

Kishida Yuri (18 years old at the time of the incident) disappeared from Sanzu Harbor around 4pm on August 10, 2003 (Showa 78).
Despite intense search efforts, she has not been found.

Name: Kishida Yuri
DOB: February 23, 1985 (Showa 60)
Age: 18 at time of disappearance
Blood Type: A
Height: 157cm
Weight: 42kg
Shoe Size: 23cm
Body Type: Slender
Wearing a red cardigan and camisole at time of disappearance.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Please contact either your local police station or one of the authorities listed below.


Yamigame (Yamigame Family)

A turtle inhabiting the seas around Yamijima island in the Shikai Region. The pattern on the turtle's shell is said to form the shape of an enraged face which, coupled with the high incidence of shipwrecks in Yamijima's waters, has given rise to rumors that the turtle itself is possessed by the spirits of the dead sailors.
It is said that long ago fishermen feared that any Yamigame caught in their nets would bring a terrible curse upon them. The belief was so strong that they would willingly cut open their precious nets and give up their day's catch in order to return the turtles to the sea.


A kind of instant noodles released by Midorikame Foods exclusively in the Shikai region. With an abundance of turtle jelly topping, the product claimed to have miraculous beauty-enhancing properties, evidenced by the slogan "Gain Ten Days Back with Every Bite!"
Turtle Jelly Ramen was prepared to go nation-wide, until a string of cases came to light in which frequent consumers muttered strange phrases, such as "I want to return to the sea," and subsequently disappeared. These incidents triggered a full recall and the near cancellation of the product. Due to huge losses, production was curtailed, the brand name was tarnished, and Midorikame was forced to reconsider national release.
However, even today there are many who continue to consider Turtle Jelly Ramen the "Ultimate Instant Noodle". Shortages of the product have resulted in violent competition among beauty-obsessed housewives for the remaining stock.
A television commercial featuring missing reporter Mihama Naoko in her modeling days continues to air in some areas.

Watch the commercial.

(NOTE: The name of the company - Midorikame - is a joke. While the kanji used is different, the pronunciation is the same as that of "green turtle".)


Packed with shocking trivia! The news magazine that drains your brain!
The Weekly Kasutori Issue 139
July 29, 2005

Special Feature: The Curse of Yamijima
Clearing up the mystery of the island: the disappearance of its inhabitants; the severed undersea cable; the mysterious vanishing of the Bright Wing; the existence of UMA on Yamijima.
A peak at the forbidden island known as the "Isle of Hate" inside!

Send your tips to the Urban Folklore Society


International Exposition - "Pottery & Peace"

Gathering under the slogan "Pottery for the People", 79 nations (in 44 pavilions) exhibited their earthenware at the international exposition. Despite featuring as its symbol the "Jomon Tower" - a piece considered by many to be the world's greatest work in earthenware - as part of an effort to attract families, the management failed to overcome critics who complained the exposition featured "nothing but pottery" and who "couldn't figure out what connection pottery had to peace". After spilling a record volume of red ink, the exposition closed its doors with an unprecedented financial loss.

(NOTE: The medal doesn't appear to be an award of any kind. The kanji has it as a "commemorative" medal.)


A world-famous masterpiece depicting the tragic love of the Mermaid Princess.

A mermaid princess falls in love with a human prince. She makes a deal with a sea-witch to receive human form in exchange for her beautiful voice. In addition, the witch puts a curse on the princess that, should she fail to win the princefs heart, she will be doomed to die.
But without her voice, the princess cannot profess her love to the prince. Soon the prince became engaged to the princess of a neighboring kingdom. On the eve of their wedding, the mermaid princess was informed that she could lift the curse and return to her original form only by killing the prince.
Choosing her love over her life, the next morning she disappeared into the sea in a burst of shimmering bubbles.

Upon opening her eyes, the mermaid princess discovered that her fins were gone, and in their place were a pair of beautiful white legs. Staring into her lovely eyes, the prince whispered, gWhat a lovely maiden.h
It was love at first sight.

(NOTE: Japanese mermaids are quite different from the Hans Christian Anderson version.)


Tonight I am going out on orders from Master Ohta. He has made his decision, and we have no choice but to obey. We must protect the island.
Don't go out tonight, no matter what. Don't turn on the lights. Don't even listen to anything. Make sure you follow these instructions. I'll be back at dawn.
Tomorrow is Yasuo's birthday. I've hidden the bicycle he wanted in the closet. I can't wait to see the smile on his face once this is over.


Sushibon Inc. Hyper-Buddy Series No. 1, "Beast Bot".
Thanks to the growing diversification of children's interests, Shushibon Inc. was losing business rapidly. With an eye to resuscitating their company, executives launched an in-depth marketing campaign. The new product was a toy that combined "robots" and "beasts", perennial favorites of young boys. Additionally, Sushibon used what was at the time state-of-the-art technology to synthesize an animal cry as the toy's gimmick. The "Beast Bot" flooded out of factories and onto store shelves everywhere.
Countless commercials were aired as part of an aggressive marketing campaign, but times had changed and young boys had already moved on to die-cast toys based on popular TV animation characters, relegating the "Beast Bot" to instant obscurity.



Onboard Radio JARC-S20

A wireless set for SDF-Ground aircraft. Used for both surface-to-air and air-to-air communications.



Both volumes of "Mermaid Tear".
The incredible novel depicting the miracle of a love both ephemeral and everlasting!
By Mikami Shu
From Shingensha Publishing

(NOTE: the publisher's name means "Deep Illusion" or "Massive Hallucination")

A recent photograph of the author, Mikami Shu.

1972: Born
2002: Had his first work published in a literary magazine.
2003: Received the 444th "Garbage Award" for the same work.
2005: Publication of the two-volume novel, "Mermaid Tear".


A picture drawn by Mikami Shu in his youth. It was hidden in a can and buried as treasure. In the center is a depiction of a young girl in an aqua dress. Above her, black clouds have been drawn in place of a sun.


A tape recorded 29 years ago in the Mikami household.



A bundle of letters addressed to Mikami Ryuhei.

Dear Mikami Ryuhei,

I was shocked and saddened by the news of your wife's untimely passing. I cannot begin to imagine your grief, but I wish to express my heartfelt condolences for your loss.
Now I understand the reason why you sold your home in Tokyo and settled on Yamijima. You intend to continue your research near the sea that claimed her life.
Raising young Shu without a mother is likely to be a particularly difficult task. Due to the distance between our homes we will be unlikely to meet aside from the occasional research conference, but please remember that my wife and I will be glad to help you in any way we can.
Once again, my deepest condolences. You will be in our prayers.

Takeuchi Omihito
April 7, 1973 (Showa 48)

(NOTE: If you don't know who Omihito Takeuchi is, check out the first SIREN thread, Archive 026).


This certifies that the pictured individual is a genuine member of the Japan Self Defense Force - Ground.
Chief of Staff, SDF-Ground

Rank: Major
Name: Misawa Takeaki


Bizarre graffiti scrawled on a signboard near the ferris wheel. Six strange figures have been written in black paint.

(NOTE: The message reads:  seven gates 


A radio left by one of the Yamijima Harbor Facility workers after its closure.



A diary written by an employee of the Yamijima Gold Mining Company.

May 27, 1970 (Showa 45)

Disposed of all the signs protesting development of the harbor.
Delivered a strong warning to the opposition's representative, Ohta Tsuneo.

May 29, 1970 (Showa 45)

There are rumors among the workers of a wildcat that walks on two legs. Could they just be hallucinations brought on by stress from the opposition's activities?

May 30, 1970 (Showa 45)

Arrival of an inspection team from the head office.
They are here to investigate the reason for the severe decline in yield since the beginning of this year.

June 4, 1970 (Showa 45)

Decision from the head office to shut down mining operations in the coming days.
Preparations are underway to shut down Yamijima Harbor as well. The final transport ship is scheduled to depart today.

It's finally time to say goodbye to this island. What a relief! My entire family is glad to be returning to the mainland.
No matter how many apartment complexes they build or recreational facilities they construct, it will be a waste! There's absolutely no reason for anyone to ever settle on this bizarre island!


A protest sign erected by the island residents in opposition to development of Yamijima Harbor.

Don't give in to oppression!
Stand up against the harbor development project!
Don't defile our seas!

Yamijima Conservation Committee
Ohta Tsuneo, Chairman


Shikai Gazette
August 4, 1986 (Showa 61), Early Edition
A single survivor of the Bright Wing has been found. The whereabouts of the ship itself remain unknown and searchers have little hope of finding more lost at sea.
[...omission...] the crew and passengers on the evening of August 2, when all communications ceased from the passenger vessel Bright Wing, off the coast of Yamijima. Around 4pm August 3, searchers discovered a survivor in the waters around the island. The Japan Coast Guard Task Force has custody at this time.
...was miraculously found drifting on the sea. The survivor is a second-year student at Kameishino Prefectural Junior High School, Kifune Noriko (14).


A record of the mysterious mark:

The ancient ones corrupt the hearts of men from their abode in the darkest depths of the earth, keeping watch on this world through the eyes of those they taint. Those touched in this manner are marked and tormented by visions. This is the way of the ancient ones.


Police notebook.

Rank: Patrolman
Name: Fujita Shigeru

Showa 26 (1951) - Left Yamijima alone. Mother died the following year.

Showa 45 (1970) - Yamijima Harbor closed. Father died the same year. Haven't returned to Yamijima since.

Showa 50 (1975) - Yamijima Elementary School burned down.

Showa 51 (1976) - Undersea cable severed, causing massive blackout. Complete disappearance of Yamijima residents. Island closed to visitors over safety concerns.

Showa 61 (1986) - Fishermen report seeing what appears to be a young woman on the island.

...Will have to investigate.

(NOTE: The Japanese calendar uses the year and title of the emperor's reign. "Showa" is the reign name of Emperor Hirohito, who sat on the throne from 1926 to 1989.)



While mining for gold, a stone sphere was unearthed from stratum located in the eastern area of Yamijima Island. A near-perfect sphere, the shiny ebony surface of the stone is carved with a grid-like pattern. Theory had it that the stratum from which the sphere was recovered predates the Ordovician period, a fact that excited both geologists and archaeologists alike. However the excitement was short-lived. With the lack of any additional scientific evidence, the discovery was soon condemned as some sort of prank.



Encyclopaedia of Japanese UMA
Publisher: Advanced Science Research Co.
Writer: Shinichi Amamoto

Chapter 44 - Isolated Islands and Archipelagos.
Isolated islands in Japan are a treasure trove for Unidentified Mysterious Animals! Giant Yamipikaria Cat sighted on Yamijima Island. Based on reports that the cat has a tendency to collect bright objects, traps were prepared to ensnare the beast.

Fact or fiction?
A boy, the younger brother of twins, claims his cheek was torn by the razor-sharp claws of a Yamipikaria Cat.


An expensive hair ornament purchased by Ohta Tsuneo for his daughter, Tomoe. It is expertly crafted with a design of flower petals.


Class C Driver's License

Name: Kiyota Akiko
Born: August 3, 1976 (Showa 51)
Address: Apt. 401 Kiyoshi Bldg. Kamizukamae 1-29
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Issued: July 30, 2005 (Showa 80)
Expires: September 3, 2010 (Showa 85)

(NOTE: The Japanese calendar (and Akiko's license) uses the title of the reigning emperor. Currently, in 2008, the Emperor Akihito is in his 20th year on the throne, and his era is titled "Heisei". That means 2008 is Heisei 20. The Showa period lasted from December 1926 to January 1989, ending with the death of Emperor Hirohito in the 64th year of his reign - Showa 64. It is essentially unheard of for people in Japan to refer to the current years as "Showa", suggesting that SIREN 2 (or at least the characters who arrived on the S.S. Shooting Star) takes place in a world in which Hirohito never died.)


Sushibon Inc. Hyper-Buddy Series No. 2, "Zoo Bot". Due to the failure of the "Beast Bot", the company's finances had fallen into ruin. This was their attempt to restore financial solvency and get back on top of the market.
With an eye on the growing mania for panda bears at the time, the company decided to change the "Beast Bot" to a panda theme. To that end, they equipped it with panda mannerisms and a voice recording, dubbing it the "Zoo Bot", and pouring their resources into the new toy's production.
The company flooded the air waves with commercials and aggressively promoted the "Zoo Bot", but by that time the panda craze had already died out. Left with a huge inventory, Sushibon Inc. filed for bankruptcy.



Part of the Akebi family, a deciduous creeper.
This is a unique Akebi native only to Yamijima. The fruit is notable for its peculiar bittersweet taste. As ingestion can cause severe diarhhea as well as a number of hallucinogenic effects, caution should be taken when using it in food preparation.

(NOTE: This seems like a good time to mention that the name of "Yamijima" itself is a clue. The three kanji used are "night" "see" and "island" (ya-mi-jima), and those are used in archives and subtitles throughout the game . However, "yami" (with another kanji) also has the meaning "evil" or "dark".


ID #444

This card certifies that the pictured individual is a genuine student of this school.

Rank: Second Grade, Class 4
Name: Yagura Ichiko
Born: May 10, 1972 (Showa 47)

Issued by the Office of the Principal, Kameishino Prefectural Junior High School.

(NOTE: A "second grade" middle-schooler would be an 8th-grader in the United States. Also, the name of the middle school uses the kanji for "turtle" "rock" and "field".)


An intricately-folded letter of a kind that was popular with junior high school girls. Similar to origami, this letter is folded into the shape of a sailor suit school uniform. Girls were known to create various shapes and use these letters to communicate with their friends.

Dear Noriko,
Are you feeling okay? You didn't look well earlier, and didn't have much at dinner. Nakajima looked like he was worried about you too. You must be seasick. This ferry is always rocking and swaying.
It's just a rumor, but people said that when the boat stopped today they found a girl's body. That means there's a corpse on the boat right now... It's scary.
Oh, sorry for talking about this kind of stuff when you're not feeling well! Please get better soon!
Anyway, now that the tournament is over we can start to focus on our entrance exams. Let's do our best! I'm sure our matching bracelets will bring us good luck on the tests.

From "OnZaMayuge" - Ichiko

(NOTE: Ichiko signs her letter "onzamayuge - Ichiko", which literally means "on-the-eyebrows Ichiko". It's an old-fashioned bit of slang used to denote girls' bangs (as in forelocks). "Maegame" also means "bangs".)


Azuma Riko: Where is she now?
Azuma Riko is the sister of legendary pop idol Azuma Eri, who was tragically killed on her way to the Annual Music Awards ceremony. With an eye to continuing her late sister's work, Riko debuted with the pop sensation "The Passion of Mendoza".
Her hits broke one record after another, leading her to prepare for an American debut and international fame. However, without warning, she surprised her fans by announcing her marriage and immediate retirement. More shocking was the fact that her husband was the very same driver who had run over her sister, Eri. It seems the two became close during his repeated visits to the Azuma household to offer his for the apologies accident.
Riko now spends her days as a mother, raising her child and hitting the dance floor. She is best remembered for her hit, "Aztec Queen", which topped the charts for 13 consecutive weeks.



The runner-up trophy for the 44th Annual Prefectural Junior High School Tennis Championship Tournament. Height: 107cm.

Made of a durable alloy and sporting a bold design, the runner-up trophy gives the impression of a champion's award.
Local junior high school students call it the "Cursed Trophy", and sincerely believe that whichever school receives it will suffer grave misfortune.
Many years ago the representative of the recipient school threw the award into the air in her excitement. Failing to catch it on the way down, the trophy smashed into her head, braining the poor girl. It is supposed that this is the origin of the curse rumors.


I diary kept by Ohta Tomoe.

August 1
Tonight, when I took my father the medicine for his eye injury he was looking out over the ocean solemnly. He must have been thinking about that demon girl. We know she's plotting something. That monster hates sunlight and she's stolen her human form.

August 2
Father has finally come to a decision. It is his task as head of the Ohta family. In case the worst happens, this morning I sent the maids out. Three years ago, without knowing what they were doing, some outsiders broke in to the confinement ground and completely devastated it. They have no idea what a terrible thing they have done.
I will stand by my father's side and do everything I can to protect this island. It is my task as the eldest daughter of the Ohta family.


Rank: Maritime Wireless Operator, 4th Class

Name: Kifune Ikuko - November 26, 1986 (Showa 61)

This certifies that the individual pictured on the left is licensed and trained in the operation of wireless sets at the level of proficiency indicated above.


An intricately-folded letter of a kind that was popular with junior high school girls. Similar to origami, this letter is folded into the shape of a heart. Girls were known to create various shapes and use these letters to communicate with their friends.

My Dear Nakajima,

That game was soooo cool! Your form on that last serve was the best ever! I think going to this tournament with you as the team manager is going to be my best memory of junior high. I've liked you so much for such a long time, so this trip made me really happy. I hope we can be together forever...
But, I think maybe we won't be able to. There's something I'm really worried about. I don't know what to do about it... I can't even tell Ichiko, and I'm terrified of telling you...
I'll be waiting in the stairwell so we won't be found... PLEASE come...

From Noriko


Notice for the 44th Annual Prefectural Junior High School Tennis Championship Tournament

The participants in the preliminaries for the July 31st All-Japan Junior High School Tennis Tournament have been decided, and we of the Kameishino Junior High School Tennis Club have made the cut. Let's not forget the strength we have built through our sweat and tears, as well as the help and support of our teammates, and fight our hardest at the tournament!

Date: July 29 (Tue.) - August 3 (Sat.)
Place: Kameishino Junior High School Campus
Time: 7:30am

Remember your strength!
Onward to victory!
Onward to the tournament!
Our dream is within reach!

(NOTE: In the final section the writer, presumably one of the team members, refers to their group as the "kamekko", or "turtle children/boys/girls". On the surface, this is because of the school's name "Kameishino", or "Turtle Stone Field").


A videotape recorded by a passenger on the ferry.

August 1, 1986
Memory of Keiichi & Tomoko



Shikai Gazette
July 31, 1975 (Showa 50) Evening Edition
Closed Yamijima School Burns to the Ground
28-year-old arson suspect arrested

Around 2am on the 31st, Yamijima Combined Elementary and Junior High School, on the distant island of Yamijima, burned down.
Ushiro Masumi (28) was arrested by the prefectural police on suspicion of arson. The suspect is unemployed and has no permanent residence. According to police, he landed on Yamijima the previous day and is accused of breaking into the school. There, Ushiro allegedly set fire to the curtains in the classrooms, causing a blaze that burned the abandoned building to the ground.
"I was sleeping in one of the classrooms that night. Suddenly, red and black beings descended on me, so I flung my lighter at them," Ushiro said in his statement to police, among other incoherent things. Investigation into the suspect's claims as well as his mental health are under way.

(NOTE: Yamijima is located in the fictional region of Shikai, hence the name of this newspaper. A "region" is a group of prefectures, such as Kanto (Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, etc), Tohoku (Yamagata, Iwate, Aomori, etc), and so on.)


Apology Letter

I would like to offer my deepest apologies for my misjudgement, which allowed the suspect to escape during the larceny investigation of May 3, 1986 (Showa 61). I am fully aware that my actions have thrown the investigation into chaos and tarnished the image of the police force in the eyes of the public.
From this point forward I vow to remain ever-vigilant, so that the same mistakes will not be made again. Please forgive my errors and allow me to continue my service to the department.

May 4, 1986 (Showa 61)

Assistant Inspector Fujita Shigeru

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