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Part 55: Yamibito Script


Dance, maiden, dance...
The crown waving over your head...
Watch the flames and dance...

Dance, maiden, dance...
Ring the bells upon your earrings...
Ask the winds and dance...

Dance, maiden, dance...
Ring the bell over your head...
Gaze upon the water and dance...

Dance, maiden, dance...
Cast the brooch from your breast...
Twirl body and head...

Fly, fly messenger bird...
Shake off the jeweled girdle...
Flying in search of earth...

Shake, shake the ark...
The brooch beats to the rythm...
Tremble with anticipation of the bird's arrival...

Dance, maiden, dance...
Dance in your divine garments...
Dance with the ark behind...


A special supplementary DVD: Infiltrating Yamijima! The existance of UMA on an island rumored to have a 444% chance of a curse! See the legendary Yamibikarya, razor-clawed, bipedal monstrosity, stare from the shadows with its glowing eyes!


(NOTE: If you don't know what a UMA is, as I didn't before playing this game, it stands for "Unidentified Mysterious Animal".)


This light pink scale emits a dull glow. Based on the size of the scale, the creature it comes from must measure over 10 meters in length.


This certifies that the pictured individual is a genuine member of the Japan Self Defense Force - Ground.
Chief of Staff, SDF-Ground

Rank: Private, First Class
Name: Nagai Yorito

It's your mother. Congratulations on your promotion. Your father and I were worrying about whether you'd give up and come back home. Things will still be difficult, but do your best and don't quit! The most important thing is to persevere no matter how hard things get. I'm learning to use the Internet now too, and I won't give up.
Oh, also, I sent some molokheiya to your camp. Be sure to give some to that boy Okita who's always helping you out.



Afternoon Prince
Leave your lunchtime to us!

Today's Topic: A Huge Boom for Romance Novels!



Da Gama, August Edition
July 1, 2005

Special Feature: Mikami Shu and "Mermaid Tear".

A "long long interview" with Mikami Shu:
Seven Keys to Reading "Mermaid Tear"

The book that's on everyone's reading list, "Mermaid Tear".
The author, Mikami Shu, talks about his early life and the secret messages hidden in his work.

...My father was an archaeologist. It seems he was so enamored with the island that he and my pregnant mother decided to relocate there. However, Soon after giving birth to me on that island, my mother died at sea... So, it isn't totally incorrect to say "Mermaid Tear" is autobiographical. ...[omission]... I really can't remember it. Apparently, after I was found I couldn't speak for a long time. Until that point I had been able to see normally, so I guess I lost a lot thanks to that event.

Mikami Shu's official website


Sis told me a story. She said a great god died. Sis said her mother was born. Many were born.

Mikami Shu, age 4


Captain Misawa Takeaki wins first prize in the Asian Winter Track & Field Biathlon!

The picture shows Misawa receiving his award. It is covered with drawings of grasping arms.


A local delicacy, native to Yamijima, made from seafood and mountain ingredients. Custom dictates that the ingredients remain untouched by cutlery, and that the dish be eaten under moonlight. The best version uses Yami Akebi, which induces intense feelings of euphoria lasting an entire evening. However, the next morning can be hell for unlucky diners.


Okapi Mild

Tar: 44mg
Nicotine: 4.4mg

An aqua-colored business card is stuck inside the carton.

Tarot - Spiritualism - Dowsing
Yumemi Salon

Pandora's whisper...
-Your True Self Hides Deep Within Your Soul-


A leather collar intended for a large dog. The metal clasp has been broken. A dog tag is attached.

Tsukasa of Jilldoll
March 3, 2003


I'm sorry, but Mom and I are going to stay home. Please go on to your new post by yourself. It's close to where you grew up, isn't it?
When I think about the past, I realize we were never your priority, and that all that really mattered to you was your work. You'll never be the kind of detective you see on TV. Have you just been trying to look good? In the end you weren't even able to stay where you were.
By the way, Mom collapsed from overwork recently...
I've decided not to go to university and to get a job instead. I'll work hard so that we don't have to rely on you.



And the earth was a chaotic seed, without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the creatures that crawl upon the face of the waters.
And the king of the gods said, let there be light: and there was light. In a state of chaos, the darkness and creatures swept to the depths, away from the flooding light.
And there they melded as one with the darkness.
And those who failed to find shelter from the light, took form deep below the surface of the water.
And for those locked in darkness, they sought to regain their place in reality.
Sending one of their own in the form of a maiden, they wait for the day they can rise from the depths.

(NOTE: For archive 62 I just used an online translation and made a few changes, since the language is difficult and I don't have access to all my language books and such right now. I don't notice anything in the Japanese text that jumps out as strikingly different so far , except for the last line. It is, perhaps purposely, unclear in the Japanese whether the "maiden" is one of the creatures, their messenger, or a hapless victim under their spell.)



1. Ferris Wheel
Hours: 09:00 - 16:30
Children - 1 ticket
Adults - 2 tickets

2. Tea Cups
Hours: 09:00 - 16:30
Children - 1 ticket
Adults - 2 tickets

3. Flower Plaza
Features tulips in spring, sunflowers in summer, and a profusion of cosmos in fall.

4. Fountain Plaza
Water activities are featured in summer.

5. Ticket Machine
Tickets are required for all attractions.
1 ticket = 50


Get a rush with Mbembe Cola!
The Mbembe Cola "Cosmic Cold War" bottle cap prize campaign!
Peel off the sticker under the bottle cap. If the message "You Win" appears send it in to receive a "Cosmic Cold War" prize!

You're a winner in our "Cosmic Cold War" campaign!
Check the list of requirements on "Cosmic Cold War" posters for information on how to receive your prize!


"Cosmic Cold War" (1972)
Produced in Japan
An Akinasu Films release

Political deadlock shakes the galaxy!

The Story
2 million light years from our solar system, general elections for the Galactic Republic are being held on the planet, Bentro. The results are close, threatening the delicate political balance of the republic.
To secure a majority and pursue his plans to conquer the universe, the evil galactic governor, Metango, set his sights on the planet with the deciding vote: Earth.
Under the pretext of establishing galactic harmony and interstellar prosperity, the governor demands the hand of the princess of Earth, Tomomillia. Trying to stall for time, the controlling factions begin negotiations at the highest administrative levels, but in vain. With the republic hanging in the balance, a final bill is proposed...

The Movie
Despite the climax's shocking twist (Metango, the galactic governor, was one of the princess's robot servants, Kitabeppu 4), "Cosmic Cold War" was not a success. In some ways ahead of its time, the film featured not a single action scene, relying instead on the tension of debate and negotiation.
Record low turnouts at theaters caused the film to be pulled after only a four-day run.

(NOTE: The small print of the archive actually has the title in English as "Space Cold War", but I thought "cosmic" worked better.)



Legends of Yamijima
Culture / Customs / History
Yamijima Historical Research Society
Early spring, 1963 (Showa 38)

The History of Yamijima

...Regarding the origin of the name "Yamijima", there are theories suggesting it derives from the terms "The Isle of Hate", "The Isle of the Dead" and even "The Isle of Evil". As these theories suggest, the island has long shunned outsiders.
Given the residents' unusual folklore and customs, there was little mingling with outsiders. However, thanks to the booming gold mining industry, the number of people immigrating from the mainland rose dramatically and brought huge changes to the island.

...The next page is torn out.

(NOTE: The discussion of the name "Yamijima" in this document is actually a parsing of the kanji readings used. The official kanji are "night (ya) 夜 / see (mi) 見 / island (jima) 島", which is not particularly bizarre. The same pronunciation can be achieved using the kanji for the words above: "evil (yami) 闇 / island (jima) 島", for example.)

A scorched Illustrated Kamoshika Diary.

Yamijima Elementary School
Class 4-1
Kumiko & Yumiko

June 3rd,

Dear Kumiko,

Yesterday, I went to a funeral for the old man who lived next to us. During funerals on this island they drive a wooden stake into the dead person's body. Everyone here has their own stake with their name written on it for when they die. I asked my dad why they do that and he said that if they don't their spirits won't get to heaven. He said that a dead person's body is empty, so something bad will get inside.

June 4th,

Dear Yumiko,

You mean if I don't have a stake I'll turn into a monster or something? What kind of bad thing do you mean? I'm scared because I don't have a stake, but I'm going back home to the mainland soon so I think I'll be okay. My mom and dad said that there isn't much gold left so we're going to leave the island. It looks like all the other kids are going to go home, too. I'm sad that I have to say goodbye to you. I'll send you letters from the mainland.

(NOTE: Exchange diaries were especially popular in the '80s and '90s. Primarily female students would take turns writing their thoughts to each other, similar to passing notes in class. Japanese homerooms still have "official" class diaries in which students write their thoughts about the class and teacher in turn on a daily or weekly basis.)

(NOTE: Another "Kamoshika ["serow"] Diary" was among the archive items in the first SIREN as well.)

(NOTE: Japanese homerooms identify themselves with a pair of numbers (e.g. Class 4-1, above). The first number is the grade number, the second the class number. High school students may be tracked and divided into homerooms based on a course of study or ability, but elementary and junior high school homerooms are assigned arbitrarily.)


Sanzu Prefectural High School Graduation Album
Published 2005 (Showa 80)

School Event Photographs

The photo shows Kifune Ikuko standing alone with a dark expression on her face amongst a group of her smiling classmates.


A flash photo taken in a dimly-lit room. Abe Soji and Tagawa Ryuko are in the picture. Soji wears a lighthearted smile, in contrast to Ryuko's dark expression.


A flash photo taken in a dimly-lit room. Only Abe Soji is in the picture.

(NOTE: Archive 069 changes into this version once we've collected all the other archives and completed every stage.)


Please help me!
I'm locked in Sanzu Harbor, Warehouse Three. Whoever finds this letter, please contact the police and my family. My name is Kishida Yuri. The woman who trapped me in here changed into my clothes and left me. She is also using my name and pretending to be me. Don't be fooled by her face! Her true face is



The keukegen is a vile monster covered entirely in long hair and preferring to dwell in dark, damp places. It is said that the creature infests some homes, stealing the life of the inhabitants, causing them to fall ill.
Sightings are exceedingly rare, hence the tendency to call such occurances "Bizarre Sightings".

(NOTE: As far as I can tell, "Keukegen" isn't a real word, but a parsing of the kanji suggests it means something like "Fluffy-Feathered One".)



Change your luck with the next move!
Life is one big chess game.
Shogi (Japanese chess) traces its roots through India to Egypt, and is said to have its origins in Atlantis. In the lost city, 20 warriors representing a clan dressed as moving pieces and were manoeuvered on a playing field in a massive coliseum as two opponents engaged in a battle of wits.
Now the power of these ancient Atlantean warriors can be yours! The Golden Ohsho (King) is a unique charm that draws on the powers of El Dorado, infusing the owner with uncanny luck. And now, the Golden Ohsho can be yours!
Get it now and change your luck forever!

Designer: Nobunaga Bonaparte
With a former model for a mother and a foreign ambassador as a father, Nobunaga was raised as a gifted child. Following his achievements as a top model in Paris, he tried his hand at designing. He is now a ten-time winner of the Annual World Luxury Grandprix, and is currently a representative director of the Geeman Ohshu Group.

"I heartly recommend this product." Shogi Fortune-teller Jennifer Miho: "No fortune-telling is complete without the purest materials and perfect gold content. With the Golden Ohsho, my predictions are now 100% accurate. To prove my point, here's a prediction for you: The world will end next year."


Name: Tagawa Ryuko
Date of Birth: November 26, 1986 Sagittarius
Time of Birth: 6:44pm
Place of Birth: Sanzu City, Shikai Region
Past: Split in half. Hardship. Despair.
Present: Awakening. Great change. Arrival of restorer, supporter. A hoodlum?
Future: A great star is on the move in August. Beware!


A bracelet set with a blue-green stone. The initials N.K. have been engraved on the inside. The clasp looks to have been wrenched off.



The Story Treasure Box
Special Issue 1972, part 2

Strange Phenomena From Around the World

The Stolen Girl
This is a story about what happened in a small village in Japan during the war. There was a young girl who went to the beach to gather some seaweed. But she never returned. The family desperately searched the area. But when they were unable to find her, they gave her up as a victim of the sea.
On the day of the girl's funeral, members of the family gathered at the front door where they heard a loud noise. There, they were shocked to see the missing girl standing outside the door with a blank expression on her face.
As the girl's relieved parents rushed to bring the girl into the house, the girl's elderly grandmother softly whispered, "No. It's not her." With those words, the girl melted away. All that was left behind was the clothes of
the missing girl and a puddle of water.
The grandmother explained that the sea is the home of a monster that steals the appearance of the dead, and that the creature must never be welcomed into the home.
In the village, to this day, victims of drowning are never brought into the home. Instead they are cremated and laid to rest.

(Just who was the girl they saw?!)


A map to an event attended by the final graduates of Yamijima Elementary & Middle School. The location of a time capsule has been marked.
From the turtle's tail, three steps forward, five steps left, two steps right.


A bracelet with an embedded vermillion stone. The initials "I.Y." have been engraved on the inner ring.

(NOTE: The kanji used for "vermillion" or "red" in the bracelet's name and description carries the nuance of "blood" and is used in a number of expressions relating to "spilled blood" or "bloodstained" in Japanese.)


Images from the security cameras installed around the Bright Wing can be viewed with this monitor. It is currently configured to display views from the Entrance, three passenger hallways and one crew hallway. The monitor display is set to rotate on a fixed schedule between cameras.



In 1982, the American corporation 3GMANIAX released this video game console. In the 80s, true 3D graphics became possible for the first time and this machine featured such a chip. However, a cut-rate sound card incapable of simulating notes D, E and C proved to be a serious flaw which drastically undercut the machine's popularity.
Only an extremely limited number of games completed development, including Japan-exclusive original titles, which are in high demand among compulsive "AGE-MAN" collectors.

"Kunitorisu" Review

3GMANIAX's initial foray into the Japanese marketplace is this game series dealing with the "Black Ships". Themes of the feudal period are popular ones for action games in Japan. However, it can't be denied that Kunitorisu's dynamic of having players battle through puzzles simply doesn't have legs in the modern world.

6 points

(NOTE: "Kunitorisu" means something like "Conquest of the Nation", with a suffix indicating that it is a strategy game.)

(NOTE: The "Black Ships" ("kurofune") refers to Commodore Matthew Perry of the US Navy and the four steam vessels under his command which entered Tokyo Bay in 1853 and forcibly opened the country to foreign trade.)



July 29
Decided to remove Yamijima artefact B-54 from my records of the digs. Unearthed eastern grid the artefact differs from the other relics. To date, I've been unable to determine the materials, the period, the style or any other identifying characteristics. Could it be a modern piece of work that somehow got mixed in with other relics? Or is it some sort of prank or hoax? At this point, I can't accept this piece as an official artefact of the dig.

July 30
Kanae's resemblance to my wife is uncanny. Even my son, Shu, who's never seen his mother seems taken by her. I know this is all wrong, but I can't bring myself to do anything about the situation.

July 31
Somebody smashed the rear window again. How can they be so blinded by their customs? Maybe this is the only way they can express their anger at the developers who've polluted their waters. I was never accepted even from the very first day I arrived on this island. The hatred that the islanders feel towards outsiders is something that will probably never change in the years to come.

Photo of Mikami Ryuhei's late wife, found between the pages of his notebook.


People born on the island are presented with branches of the holy tree, called the "Mekkouju". The name of each newborn is etched on his or her own branch during an unusual endowment ceremony.
According to ancient texts, the body of the Mekouju tree is not corporeal, but the branches can be found in this world. Travel up Mt. Shinari in search of these branches is referred to as "The Mekkouju Journey". It seems that for many generations it has been the duty of the head of the Ohta family to find and present these branches to the infants.
It is thought that the Mekkouju faith is of a kind with many folk beliefs in which a holy tree is capable of purging evil.


Treasure hunting with Dad.

Mikami Shu, Age 4


In-Depth Special Feature


Latest Observation Result Hints at the Existence of a Parallel Universe!

Have you ever imagined the existence of a world other then the one we live in? The idea that there is another world beyond ours that looks pretty much the same is referred to by the term "parallel universe." The number of these worlds is said to be equivalent to the alternative paths that were not treaded in our world. Recently, the existence of a parallel universe was suggested by the latest space observation results.
Arguing the existence of a parallel universe may seem bizarre to some. However, when taking into account the relationship of time and space, and the very fact that we are here in this "reality," there is clearly a link that may reveal the very mysteries of life!


These are pictures inspired by the tower, drawn by the workers who constructed it. The bizarre fact that they were all drawn by different people independently but simultaneously was a source of uneasiness among the construction crew.
This phenomenon, wherein a coincidence appears to have un underlying connection, is known to psychologists as "synchronicity".


A dog whistle belonging to Mikami Shu. Dog whistles emit a high-pitched sound that only canines can hear and which can be used to give them commands. To the human ear it sounds like no more than a gentle breeze over the earlobes.


Abe Soji's prized vintage oil lighter. A character has been etched on the side. The metal appears to have been scorched and the imprint of a dog's teeth is visible.


Yamijima Folk Stories

Compiled by the Yamijima Research Society
Published Showa 42 (1967)

An evil crawls from the beach.

One old wives' tale involves a fisherman and his wife living along the shores of Aonoku. One day, the young wife, pregnant with their first child, went down to the beach to wait for her husband's return. Thinking only of her love for her husband, she ignored the legends of the region that any pregnant woman who touches the sea would bring down a great calamity, and stepped out into the waters. That night, when the husband heard of his wife's deeds, he was furious. The young wife burst into tears and begged his forgiveness.
A member of the Ohta family told the couple that their child should be dismembered upon birth and the pieces of the body sealed in a cask and buried deep beneath the earth. The wife refused.
The child grew, but one year a mark of divine impurity appeared on the child's skin. The member of the Ohta family performed a rite of exorcism with the sacred tree and, suddenly, the mark disappeared, passing into the heavens.


Pedagon GW-C99Z Ogo Pogo with 21-160mm super wide angle Tridist zoom lense. Its state-of-the-art "Muse Engine" technology delivers the clearest resolution and the most vivid colors. This ultra-durable, waterproof camera is ideal for the active photographer.

There is a picture taken by Itsuki Mamoru at Sanzu Harbor. Mamoru snapped this photo of himself by holding the camera out in front of him. Behind him the form of a woman wearing a red cardigan and a fisherman with a blank expression on his face can be seen.

(NOTE: The boat behind Mamoru to the left could naturally be assumed to be the S.S. Shooting Star, which delivered the characters to Yamijima. Looking closely, however, we can see the name "S.S. Hanu" written on its tail. The kanji used for "Hanu" are the same two used in "Hanuda" - the name of the village from the first Siren game.)


July 29, 2005
I received permission for my business trip. My first solo assignment will be on Yamijima. I'm too excited to sleep.

August 1, 2005
I had that dream for the first time in a long while. Why do I have to be so worried? I feel like I've been so cold. It must be the stress and tension I've been feeling lately. My assignment has to be a success!

To Itsuki:

I always thought you were different from everyone else, Itsuki. You never ignored me like the others did. But, in the end, you were just like everyone else after all. You thought the mark on my chest was disgusting, didn't you? I feel so hurt.
Thank you for being nice to me up till now.



It is the duty of the Ohta Family to protect Yamijima. All members of the Ohta Family are bound to obey the following rules.
- Do not defile the ancient land.
- Do not allow yourself to be tricked by those who fear the light for they are the tools of the Ancient Ones.
- Guard against the impurity that conceals itself beneath the waves, and never allow women who are with child from setting foot in the sea.
- On the birth of a child, inscribe the infant's name on the Mekkouju.
- Never forget to make use of the Mekkouju at funerals.


A time capsule buried by the children of Yamijima Elementary School.
Toys and various odds and ends have been packed into a plastic bucket. The mud-stained contents emit a strange odor.
The children probably felt these things were important at the time, but there is no guarantee they felt the same way digging them up a dozen years later.


sky fish

all bones

many fish

Words deciphered from writing in an unknown language. There is no record of this language appearing anywhere else. Authenticity cannot be confirmed.


I love Sis so much!
I hope we'll always be here together!

Mikami Shu, age 4


The National Sport
August 7, 2003 (Showa 78)
Japan's Bermuda Triangle?

The latest in a long string of bizarre incidents in Yamijima's waters, the ocean-going tuna boat S.S. Hanu disappeared off the coast of the island at around 4:40pm August 6th.
In 1976 (Showa 51) the entire population of Yamijima vanished after the undersea electric cable was mysteriously severed. In 1986 (Showa 61) the passenger vessel Bright Wing disappeared near the island. These and other numerous bizarre incidences, unheard of in any other location, have led many people to call Yamijima and its surrounding seas "Japan's Bermuda Triangle".

(NOTE: The boat disappeared in August 2003, the same time as the events of the first game. In addition, the name of the boat, "Hanu", uses the same kanji as the village from the original Siren, "Hanuda".)



The Denizen of the Deep

Otoshigo is one of the ancient entities that escaped into the ocean depths. Though it wailed after its companion, who sought shelter deep underground, its cries went unanswered. The grief-stricken wails of Otoshigo shake the seas, bringing disaster and misfortune to any who wander in its path.


Dear Ikuko,

Congratulations on graduating from high school. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you as a mother.
Just after you were born I headed to Tokyo and it was all I could do to take care of myself. I barely managed to take Ryuko with me. But there's no excuse. I'm sorry.
I just noticed it when I was getting my bags together, but that baby picture of the two of you has gotten torn. She was always thinking about you. I've sent you the remaining half.
I still don't know where Ryuko is, so please tell me if you see her. That the two of you, twins, had to grow up separately is my greatest regret.
Please take care of yourself.



A diary with strange pictures and diagrams.

(NOTE: The message reads:  A terrible monster fell from the sky. The monster was destroyed, but others of its kind still remain in their nest. )

(NOTE: Alternate translation:  A terrible monster fell from the sky. Though these monsters were long ago driven extinct, at least one still remains in their nest. 


The National Times
August 1, 2005 (Showa 80)
Evening Edition
Man Beaten to Death, Roommate Sought for Questioning

Around 4pm August 1st, Nakajima Ichiro (33), a waiter, was found dead in his Shinjuku apartment. The victim was apparently struck in the head repeatedly with a blunt object. The manager of the restaurant where he worked went to his apartment to check on Nakajia when he failed to appear for his shift. There he discovered the victim lying in a pool of blood, beaten unrecognizably, along with a suspicious woman, prompting the manager to call the police. When officers tried to detain the woman for questioning, she escaped custody.
The suspect has been identified as Kifune Noriko (33) ...[omission]... who had been sharing an apartment with the victim for the past year. Neighbors say that the two were often heard fighting, and that their argument the night before the incident had been particularly noisy.

(NOTE: Compare this to Archive 004.)


Please help find this person!

He was last seen on August 2, Showa 78 (2003), leaving home on a collapsible mountain bike.

Name: Suda Kyoya
DOB: July 26, Showa 62 (1987)
Age: 16
Blood Type: O
Height: 170cm
Weight: 60kg
Last seen wearing a short-sleeved moss green shirt, white T-shirt, jeans and white sneakers.

If you have any information regarding his whereabouts please contact the police at the number below or inform your local police precinct.


A portable playback-only casette player with headphones.