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Help Find Kishida Yuri!

Kishida Yuri (18 years old at the time of the incident) disappeared from Sanzu Harbor around 4pm on August 10, 2003 (Showa 78).
Despite intense search efforts, she has not been found.

Name: Kishida Yuri
DOB: February 23, 1985 (Showa 60)
Age: 18 at time of disappearance
Blood Type: A
Height: 157cm
Weight: 42kg
Shoe Size: 23cm
Body Type: Slender
Wearing a red cardigan and camisole at time of disappearance.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Please contact either your local police station or one of the authorities listed below.


Yamigame (Yamigame Family)

A turtle inhabiting the seas around Yamijima island in the Shikai Region. The pattern on the turtle's shell is said to form the shape of an enraged face which, coupled with the high incidence of shipwrecks in Yamijima's waters, has given rise to rumors that the turtle itself is possessed by the spirits of the dead sailors.
It is said that long ago fishermen feared that any Yamigame caught in their nets would bring a terrible curse upon them. The belief was so strong that they would willingly cut open their precious nets and give up their day's catch in order to return the turtles to the sea.


International Exposition - "Pottery & Peace"

Gathering under the slogan "Pottery for the People", 79 nations (in 44 pavilions) exhibited their earthenware at the international exposition. Despite featuring as its symbol the "Jomon Tower" - a piece considered by many to be the world's greatest work in earthenware - as part of an effort to attract families, the management failed to overcome critics who complained the exposition featured "nothing but pottery" and who "couldn't figure out what connection pottery had to peace". After spilling a record volume of red ink, the exposition closed its doors with an unprecedented financial loss.

(NOTE: The medal doesn't appear to be an award of any kind. The kanji has it as a "commemorative" medal.)