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Part 7


013 +00:40 Kiyota Akiko --- Primary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 36)
014 -01:00 Misawa Takeaki - Movie --- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: None)



Class C Driver's License

Name: Kiyota Akiko
Born: August 3, 1976 (Showa 51)
Address: Apt. 401 Kiyoshi Bldg. Kamizukamae 1-29
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Issued: July 30, 2005 (Showa 80)
Expires: September 3, 2010 (Showa 85)

(NOTE: The Japanese calendar (and Akiko's license) uses the title of the reigning emperor. Currently, in 2008, the Emperor Akihito is in his 20th year on the throne, and his era is titled "Heisei". That means 2008 is Heisei 20. The Showa period lasted from December 1926 to January 1989, ending with the death of Emperor Hirohito in the 64th year of his reign - Showa 64. It is essentially unheard of for people in Japan to refer to the current years as "Showa", suggesting that SIREN 2 (or at least the characters who arrived on the S.S. Shooting Star) takes place in a world in which Hirohito never died.)