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Part 40

Shigeru's barks are "What a miserable existence..." and "It must be terrible not to have a place to be."


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Yamijima Folk Stories

Compiled by the Yamijima Research Society
Published Showa 42 (1967)

An evil crawls from the beach.

One old wives' tale involves a fisherman and his wife living along the shores of Aonoku. One day, the young wife, pregnant with their first child, went down to the beach to wait for her husband's return. Thinking only of her love for her husband, she ignored the legends of the region that any pregnant woman who touches the sea would bring down a great calamity, and stepped out into the waters. That night, when the husband heard of his wife's deeds, he was furious. The young wife burst into tears and begged his forgiveness.
A member of the Ohta family told the couple that their child should be dismembered upon birth and the pieces of the body sealed in a cask and buried deep beneath the earth. The wife refused.
The child grew, but one year a mark of divine impurity appeared on the child's skin. The member of the Ohta family performed a rite of exorcism with the sacred tree and, suddenly, the mark disappeared, passing into the heavens.