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057 +00:00 Itsuki Mamoru - Secondary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 33, 34, 35)
058 +01:17 Ohta Tomoe ---- Movie ----- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 43)




While mining for gold, a stone sphere was unearthed from stratum located in the eastern area of Yamijima Island. A near-perfect sphere, the shiny ebony surface of the stone is carved with a grid-like pattern. Theory had it that the stratum from which the sphere was recovered predates the Ordovician period, a fact that excited both geologists and archaeologists alike. However the excitement was short-lived. With the lack of any additional scientific evidence, the discovery was soon condemned as some sort of prank.



Encyclopaedia of Japanese UMA
Publisher: Advanced Science Research Co.
Writer: Shinichi Amamoto

Chapter 44 - Isolated Islands and Archipelagos.
Isolated islands in Japan are a treasure trove for Unidentified Mysterious Animals! Giant Yamipikaria Cat sighted on Yamijima Island. Based on reports that the cat has a tendency to collect bright objects, traps were prepared to ensnare the beast.

Fact or fiction?
A boy, the younger brother of twins, claims his cheek was torn by the razor-sharp claws of a Yamipikaria Cat.


An expensive hair ornament purchased by Ohta Tsuneo for his daughter, Tomoe. It is expertly crafted with a design of flower petals.


A diary kept by Ohta Tomoe.

August 1
Tonight, when I took my father the medicine for his eye injury he was looking out over the ocean solemnly. He must have been thinking about that demon girl. We know she's plotting something. That monster hates sunlight and she's stolen her human form.

August 2
Father has finally come to a decision. It is his task as head of the Ohta family. In case the worst happens, this morning I sent the maids out. Three years ago, without knowing what they were doing, some outsiders broke in to the confinement ground and completely devastated it. They have no idea what a terrible thing they have done.
I will stand by my father's side and do everything I can to protect this island. It is my task as the eldest daughter of the Ohta family.