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Part 28

Some of the other things Tomoe mutters that didn't make it into the video are "I wonder what a "city" is like..." and, when she spots Mamoru, "How dare you!?"


050 +15:04 Itsuki Mamoru -- Primary -- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 77, 79)



A bracelet with an embedded vermillion stone. The initials "I.Y." have been engraved on the inner ring.

(NOTE: The kanji used for "vermillion" or "red" in the bracelet's name and description carries the nuance of "blood" and is used in a number of expressions relating to "spilled blood" or "bloodstained" in Japanese.)


In 1982, the American corporation 3GMANIAX released this video game console. In the 80s, true 3D graphics became possible for the first time and this machine featured such a chip. However, a cut-rate sound card incapable of simulating notes D, E and C proved to be a serious flaw which drastically undercut the machine's popularity.
Only an extremely limited number of games completed development, including Japan-exclusive original titles, which are in high demand among compulsive "AGE-MAN" collectors.

"Kunitorisu" Review

3GMANIAX's initial foray into the Japanese marketplace is this game series dealing with the "Black Ships". Themes of the feudal period are popular ones for action games in Japan. However, it can't be denied that Kunitorisu's dynamic of having players battle through puzzles simply doesn't have legs in the modern world.

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(NOTE: "Kunitorisu" means something like "Conquest of the Nation", with a suffix indicating that it is a strategy game.)

(NOTE: The "Black Ships" ("kurofune") refers to Commodore Matthew Perry of the US Navy and the four steam vessels under his command which entered Tokyo Bay in 1853 and forcibly opened the country to foreign trade.)