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Part 19

In Mamoru's stage I've translated the objective as "Acquire a Piece of Mother". It should be noted, however, that the Japanese word used to indicate "Mother" here is "botai", meaning "womb".


036 +03:45 Itsuki Mamoru - Secondary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 52)
037 +05:59 Kishida Yuri -- Movie ----- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 62)



This light pink scale emits a dull glow. Based on the size of the scale, the creature it comes from must measure over 10 meters in length.


And the earth was a chaotic seed, without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the creatures that crawl upon the face of the waters.
And the king of the gods said, let there be light: and there was light. In a state of chaos, the darkness and creatures swept to the depths, away from the flooding light.
And there they melded as one with the darkness.
And those who failed to find shelter from the light, took form deep below the surface of the water.
And for those locked in darkness, they sought to regain their place in reality.
Sending one of their own in the form of a maiden, they wait for the day they can rise from the depths.

(NOTE: For archive 62 I just used an online translation and made a few changes, since the language is difficult and I don't have access to all my language books and such right now. I don't notice anything in the Japanese text that jumps out as strikingly different so far , except for the last line. It is, perhaps purposely, unclear in the Japanese whether the "maiden" is one of the creatures, their messenger, or a hapless victim under their spell.)