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Part 13: Contest Challenge 02 Results

Still working on confirming a couple of things for the food contest, but the Tikal results are in!

First, I'd like to give a big thanks to ObscureReference for being my guinea pig. I gave him each of the 9 entries, and he gave me a color in return. I then compared this color to Tikal's and based my conclusions off of that. Trying to use the polygonal model as a color basis didn't work out due to lighting, etc. making it impossible to find a good color. However, there are actually only two pieces of official 2-D Tikal art. Averaging the two prominent colors gave me The Tikal Color. From there, I treated the RGB values of that color and the RGB values of the colors each essay provided as points in a 3D coordinate system, and computed the distance between the two points. The colors with the shortest distances are then arguably the most Tikal-like and are the winners of the challenge.

But it wouldn't be any fun if you didn't get to see all the colors, right? So here we go. Yeah yeah, I know all about why I shouldn't use a JPEG for text on colors, but the filesize savings were worth the sacrifice.

9th. Tuxedo Ted

8th. Rich Uncle Chet

7th. Not In Charleston

6th. Atilla

5th. Myrmadon

4th. Cotton B. Gross

3rd. Syrg

2nd. RotationSurgeon

1st. Comic

To explain the big difference in 2nd vs. 1st: RotationSurgeon's color was in the direction of lighter than Tikal, while Comic's was in the direction of darker than Tikal, but just slightly less darker than RotationSurgeon's was lighter.