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Part 9: Contest Challenge 02 Results

Fanfiction contest results:

Glazius is a big fat jerk.

Simmerl's had initial promise, but we all know that if Knuckles tried to use a computer, he'd be baited Chris Hansen style into meeting up with Eggman to give him the Master Emerald since he's so gullible. If the fanfiction was basically that, it would have been great.

3rd place and 3 points goes to brehonia for Awesome the Hedgehog. Short and amusing.

2nd place and 4 points goes to Jacobus Spades for Super Mario Bros. Z. It's long as fuck to watch, but the animation is top notch, the humor pretty good, and the story itself isn't any worse than Sega's attempts.

1st place and 5 points goes to Mystic Cave zOWNd for The Suffering Doomed Shadow Show part 2. Pretty much a perfect parody of Shadow the Hedgehog's plot, it caught me by surprise and had me laughing nearly the whole time.