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Part 1: Episode 0: Prologue


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Opening" from Sorcerian Super Arrange vol. 1
"Where we Meet" from Sorcerian Super Arrange vol. 1
"Dungeon" from Sorcerian Super Arrange vol. 1

From the Manual...

Welcome to the world of Sorcerian, where monsters plot revenge against human kingdoms, sorcerers enchant the swords of adventurers with spells of power, and the Gods of the seven planets rule the lands.

In the Sorcerian world, magic is real and powerful, and the knowledge of magic and its workings is necessary for any adventurer hoping to fulfill a quest. Adventurers gather in Pentawa City in the kingdom of Pentawa, awaiting the chance to prove their courage and dedication against the foes of humans, elves and dwarves. While waiting, they equip themselves with the items they will need, and take training in the arts of combat, magic and defense.

Real Talk

So thread, figure out my starting party. FIGHTERs and DWARFs are melee fighters while WIZARDs and ELFs use magic, let's do one of each for this first party. Specify male or female and name (11 characters, no spaces, but dashes are ok). I'll take whatever strikes me or gets voted up. It'll be a couple days before I can get my manual scanned, so I'll give it until then. Let's Play Sorcerian!!!

Almost forgot, refer to here to see what characters will actually look like: