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Part 2: Episode 1: The Stolen Scepter


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Where We Meet" MS-DOS version
"Pentawa I" MS-DOS version
"Dungeon" MS-DOS version
"Dungeon" Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
"Dungeon" Sorcerian: Apprentice of Seven Star Magic
"Dungeon" Sorcerian Super Arrange vol. 1 (followed by MS-DOS Dungeon again)
"Hydra" Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
"Dungeon" PC-98 version
"Travelers' Inn" MS-DOS version


It is sometimes said that the history of Pentawa is the history of its battles. Since the first people came here, hundreds of years ago, they have they have never been free of the need to defend their territories and their lives from the monsters that inhabit this land.

Those victories were not gained without sacrifice, but there was also a valuable resource that helped maintain relative tranquility: the Royal Scepter. As long as this magical treasure remained with the ruler of Pentawa the people would prevail over their enemies, and the nation would endure.

Unfortunately, the human capacity for treachery is always present. One of the king's advisors betrayed the secret of the scepter to a band of Ouks, dangerous cave dwelling monsters. Needless to say, the Ouks were overjoyed to have this information.

The Ouks attacked the capital city immediately, marching straight for the castle, and ignoring any soldiers or civilians who were not directly in their path, but destroying anyone who stood in their way. In the end, though the king's life was spared, the scepter was taken to the Ouk stronghold under the city, and the kingdom was left in chaos.

Robbed of the source of their power, Pentawa weakened day by day. The people watched in fear as their king seemed to wither before their eyes, and monsters gathered at their borders...

The royal scepter has been stolen by monsters and taken to their underground hideout. The kingdom is vulnerable to attack from numerous sources, and the people are living in fear.

The king has issued a proclamation: 'To whoever will recover the scepter, I will give a great reward of gold, and your name will live forever in the history of our people.'

Brave the underground caves beneath the city, find the scepter hidden there, and return it to the king.


BLUE BALL: A large blue gemstone that fits into a number of holes in the dungeon that are situated near doors.

DIAMOND SHAPED STONE: Can be found in the hand of a blue demon statue somewhere in the dungeon.

ROYAL SCEPTER: Insures victory to the people of Pentawa. Without it, the kingdom will fall apart. Hidden somewhere under the city.


BAT: Like ordinary bats, these use reflected sound emanations to locate objects even in complete darkness. Unlike ordinary bats, these will attack humans.

GNOME: A gnome is a small dwarf-like humanoid that can see in the dark. They are very aggressive. (NOTE: Not in the MS-DOS version of the game, but still in the manual, strangely)

GIANT RAT: About 1 meter long. Multiple bites may cause paralysis.

OUK: Violent semi-humanoid. Attack by throwing rocks from above.

GOBLIN: Related to the Ouks, but much smaller. Attack in large groups, and can be quite ferocious.

BOGARD: Small, wild humanoid. Attacks in large numbers -- uses a saber.

SKELETON: Attacks from under the ground in large numbers.

HYDRA: Three-headed dragon relative. All three heads must be cut off before it can be defeated.